January 22, 2013
Guests: Code Enforcement Officer Gary Brecker, Town Attorney William Trask

Meeting called to order at 7:32pm by Chairman Ostrowski

Historical Preservation: Possibly amend the demolition law instead of making a new law. It may be more viable to update the existing law.

Motion to table the discussion to the next meeting was made by Denise 2nd Joe Carried

Liquor Store: Brooke Rider & Brian Crouse Jr would like to have a Liquor Store go into an existing building on 10828 Southwestern Blvd corner of Rt 20 & 249. The former Crouse Welding Shop.

Question was asked about the wording on the Short Environmental Assessment Form. On the letter from the applicant, it was described as a liquor store whereas on the SEAF it was described as a grocery store. Denise mentioned that the footprint for a liquor store is different than the footprint of a grocery store which was part of the discrepancy of the attached letter and the SEAF.
The property is zoned for commercial.
The site plan that was included did not show parking and handicap spots. It doesn’t show where the proposed store will be within the building. It doesn’t show the entrance and exit to the roadway. A new site plan has been requested.
The chairman will review the application and advise the CEO of what is needed.

Towers: Crown Castle & American Tower have sent in Applications to change existing antennas and add new antennas to existing towers. The engineering study was provided on both towers which indicated that the structures are sound to handle these changes without any alterations. The footprint of the towers will not be changed. There will be no changes in height on the towers. It was lacking certification that radio frequency emissions would be within FCC guidelines. Approval of the application is contingent upon receipt of a favorable RF Certification.

A motion was made by Joe & 2nd by Denise to recommend to the Town Board to accept the plans on contingent of the FCC report. Approved.

Ground Water Law: The Town Attorney doesn’t believe this law, as written is workable or
enforceable. “The Aquafir” is not definded, It did not contain a geological map of the
Aquafir. The CEO is not qualified to determine if the Aquafir is in danger.
He recommended that a better approach is to protect the general ground water town wide
using the SEQR process which will provide us with information from an applicant.
The law attempts to draw in State & Federal agencies to assist the town and he doesn’t
believe that is possible.
Attorney Trask went into some detail about a SEQR
The attempt to protect the ground water is an important goal.
If everything checks out, a negative declaration is issued. If not, an Enviromental Impact
Statement is required.

Attorney Trask recommended that the Planning Board pass a resolution dealing with the
time deadline to place items on the agenda.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Denise and 2nd by Jamie. Approved

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.