Emergency Cooling assistance is available to households that meet HEAP income eligibility guidelines AND have a member of the household with a medical condition exacerbated by extreme heat.
In order to apply, applicant must complete the attached application and submit medical documentation, in the form of written correspondence, signed by a doctor, clearly stating the need for air conditioning. The note must be dated within the previous 6 months. The actual medical condition does not need to be stated.
Approved households will receive installation of one air conditioning unit, meant to create a "cool zone" in the dwelling.

Households that currently have a working AC unit are not eligible. For applicants in rental units, written permission to perform work must also be obtained from the property owner.
Applications will not be processed without necessary medical note.

Cooling program funding is extremely limited and applications will be approved on a first come, first served basis.

Client will receive an eligibility determination and additional program instruction by mail and/or phone.

Applicants may call the HEAP hotline at 858-7644 or visit the HEAP office at 478 Main Street, Buffalo to request an application.

Completed applications and medical documentation may be mailed or dropped off to HEAP- 478 Main Street, Buffalo 14202.