March 2011 Planning Board minutes

Brant Planning Board
March 22, 2011

Guests: Gary Brecker, Steve Novack ? owner of Hydrolawn, Donald Arcara - owner of property, Lee Brunelli

Chairman Ostrowski opened the meeting at: 7:34

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Tower Codes ? The 1st complete draft of the tower codes was distributed to the board members present for their review. The final law will be completed with the recommendation to the Town Board at the April Planning Board Meeting.

Special Use Permit ? Steve Novack, owner of Hydrolawn and Donald Arcara, property owner were present for the meeting. The code enforcement officer distributed updated copies of the special permit application including the site plan and appropriate sections of the code book. The board members questioned Steve on various aspects of the application including the fact that he had vehicles on the lot ready for sale. Vehicles had prices on them and had the appearance that they were for sale although no permit had been issued. Code Office Brecker informed the board that a cease and desist order had been issued and that no cars had been sold. Owner Steve agreed to remove all prices from the vehicles and any indications that these vehicles were for sale until such time the permit is issued. 
The chairman pointed out that the property could not meet the existing code since the frontage was only 275 ft and not the required 300 ft as stated in the code book. 

Joe Ostrowski made a recommendation to the land owner to apply for a zoning variance because the property does not meet the frontage according to Code Book law 161-G1. 2nd by Jamie Solecki - approved

The Planning Board recommends to the Town Board that they direct the Code Enforcement Officer to issue a temporary certificate of occupancy for a period of 60 days to Hydrolawn to avoid an unnecessary financial hardship on the owner.  Motion was made by Joe Ostrowski and 2nd Tish Brady ? approved.

Meeting was adjourned.