Brant-Farnham EconomicDevelopment Corp. Business Loan Program The Brant-Farnham Economic Development Corp. is a Not-For-Profit organization recently formed for the purpose of developing existing businesses and creating new business interests in the Town of Brant and Village of Farnham. The committee recently met with a representative from the USDA regarding their Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RGEG) Program which provides a Revolving Loan Program for local businesses. This program would provide local businesses or persons looking to locate their business to the Town of Brant or Village of Farnham with Small Business Loans which may not be available to them through a conventional loan process. This program is aimed at providing our local businesses with the opportunity to expand or improve their business with the purpose of retaining existing jobs or creating new jobs. The corporation will be conducting a survey of existing and potential business owners to determine whether there is any interest in a low-interest Business Loan Program. Survey information is requested to be completed by August 15th. For more information regarding this survey, please call Supervisor Leonard Pero at 549-2385. FOR A COPY OF THE LETTER TO LOCAL BUSINESSES: [url=%%dir[2]%%SurveyLet.pdf]SurveyLet.pdf[/url] FOR A COPY OF THE SURVEY: [url=%%dir[2]%%SurveyFormFinal.pdf]SurveyFormFinal.pdf[/url]