Report of the Workshop of the Brant Town Board which was held on Thursday September 6th, 2007 at 7:30 PM, 1000 Brant Farnham Rd, Brant, New York at the Brant Senior Community Bldg.

Supervisor Leonard Pero
Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier
Councilwoman Roseann Turner
Councilman John J. Chiavetta
Thea A. Ells, Town Clerk
John Grennell, Town Attorney 
Attendance: Lee Brunelli, Charles Arrigo, Joe Gardyjan,  George Cordia, Dave Gierlinger, Christine Gierlinger, Kirk Ritz, William Trask
Pledge to the Flag: Meeting called to order by Supervisor Pero.
Clerk verified that this workshop which is on the annual list of meeting; and was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, Farnham Post Office, Town Crier and Town web site.
Board members audited the Town Vouchers 
Supervisor Pero reviewed the following items with the board members: 
Assessor: Board members will need to address the appointment of the Assessor for the next term of six years which would run till September 30th of 2013 per Real Property Law 310.
Rezoning Request all members received a packet with all information to date for the public hearing. Clerk notified Board that the proposed rezoning was sent to Erie County pursuant to General Municipal law 239-m, and that the board would have to wait 30 days for a reply or not from the county before voting on the request. 
CDBG: The board should set date for the public hearing for the October meeting and prepare for the public hearing.  
Budget Schedule reviewed: The following dates and agenda should be noted and will need to be passed at the next meetings     
9/11/07 Set date for presentation of tentative- 10-4-07
9/17/07 Dept turn in estimates to Supervisor
9/20/07 Copies of Budget requests to Clerk
9/30/07 Tentative to Clerk
10/4/07 Workshop - Clerk presentation of 2008 tentative budget at 7:30 PM 
10/4/07 Set meeting w/dept. heads
10/9/07 Set Public Hearing for 11/8/07 
11/8/07 Workshop / public hearing
11/13/07 Vote on budget
11/20/07 deadline for budget adoption and send to County
FNAGBL: Invite to all board members to meeting 9/8 @ 7:30PM @ Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Energy Fair: 9-22 11am -6 pm please get the work around listed vendors and organizations attending
Memorial Park: 9-15 @ 2pm 
Seniors Exercise Program: will be run by Barb Scheffler from Town of Hamburg ? starting Oct. 1 every Monday and Wednesday 9am ? 10:15 Senior Building $20.00 a month ? insurance coverage still questionable
Energy Park: have received verbal commitment from Senator Volker; for $20,000.00 for a feasibility study ? discussion with county also ? may receive some fill from the Goya project for the property on Hardpan ?
Supervisor Pero 1) ordered and purchased plaque for Memorial Park, & firemen. Will be ordering a plaque for Senior Bldg.
2)  Conferring with Boys and Girls for a club for Brant Farnham and Reservation
3)  Arranging winter recreation/ Kim Bryant 
4)  Spoke on K-9 vehicle ? verbal commit from Volker Brant lead agency for Springville and Gowanda.  
Councilwoman Turner ? nothing to report 
Councilman Chiavetta ? Nothing to report	
Councilman Gier -  1) Halley Road speed was discussed ? second class town cannot set speed for a town road but with a petition and resolution from the board a request can be put in 
2) is liaison Comptrollers? office 

Councilwoman Turner moved for the adoption of resolution 202-07, seconded by    Councilman Chiavetta 4 Ayes   Pero, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta    0 Nays

Respectfully submitted,

Thea Ells, Brant Town Clerk