Record of the Brant Town Forum Gathering held on
April 14, 2007@ 1:00 PM at the 
Brant Town Hall 

Supervisor Pero
Councilman Chiavetta
Town Clerk Ells
Planning Board Chairman, Gardyjan
Lee Brunelli
Scott Kaczmarek
Chad Kaczmarek
William Ford

Meeting opened with the Pledge to the Flag 
Supervisor Pero introduced the town officials in attendance, and announced that the next workshop on May 3rd would be held at the community building @ 7:30PM.
Pero announced that the town received notice from Senator Volker that the town has been approved for another $15,000.00 for our Senior/Community building renovations.
Pero announced the award from Senator Volker $20,000.00 for the Brant Water District #1 water main extension project on Surfside Drive.   
There was discussion on the project at the community building with suggestions from Brunelli, Pero stated that is one reason for having the workshop at the Senior Building. 
Pero reviewed the projects the Town has been working on including the above mentioned projects, some Town hall renovations and improvements, and Memorial Park.
Pero announced a site for town residents to show off pictures of town and family which is available through Buffalo News at 
Announced a program the school is taking part in with the support of Hamburger Helper to raise money for technology equipment for broadcasting at our elementary school. Contact Supervisor Pero for more information on donations.
There were questions and discussion concerning the new playground and where it will be placed ? area near present swing set is being reviewed and that will be reviewed at next workshop. Questions arose concerning the tennis courts and Brunelli suggested that recreation purchase some rackets for instruction. Discussion on plans for park expansion including parking and access. Kaczmarek asked for update on possibility of placing large lights on football field. Pero will discuss with Board and Attorney and insurance. Complaint of speed in park ? Pero will have the speed limit enforced to all. 
There was a question to when the emergency lights would be installed at the Senior Bldg. ? Pero very soon. The type of windows being replaced was discussed and possibility of new shades. 
William Ford asked about the progress on Surfside Drive concerning beach right of way and drainage. Attorney Trask is conducting a search for property questions in that area.
There was discussion concerning the change in refuse pick up and the limit of items to be picked up. Ells reported that she has requested more frequent pick ups for the dumpster at the Highway Barns June thru October. 
Compliant noted of speed of some Sheriffs? vehicles on Route 249 and into the Village. 

Gathering ended at 2:00 PM 

Respectfully submitted by,

Thea A. Ells
Brant Town Clerk