The Town of Brant recognizes the accomplishments of Daisy Winters, the Town of Brant's oldest resident. It is amazing to think that a person could actually live long enough to witness THREE centuries! 1800's, 1900's, and 2000's. A formal proclamation was announced during a Town Board meeting: PROCLAMATION DAISY MAE ERICK WINTERS WHEREAS, Daisy Mae Erick Winters was born August 29, 1899 in Angola, New York. In the home known as the Newton house, Chiappone Store and Loretto Glass and WHEREAS, Daisy was the eldest of Three children born to Alice Walters and Philip Erick and WHEREAS, Daisy met her future husband Herbert Winters at the Farnham dance hall owned by Auguste Schwert which is across from Pizzolanti?s Restaurant and WHEREAS, Daisy married Herbert Winters on March 22, 1919 at what is now the William Friend Family residence and WHEREAS, Daisy and Herbert had three children; Herbert Jr., Jean and Olen. All three were born and raised on the farm and WHEREAS, Daisy has worked at local canning factories and at Pizzolanti?s in Farnham until she was 80 years old. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the TOWN OF BRANT is proud of the accomplishments that Daisy Winters has achieved during her life and be it further RESOLVED, that the Town of Brant and our residents have benefited from the great gift of knowledge that she has shared about our past and be it further RESOLVED, that the Town of Brant and our residents are happy to celebrate with Daisy and her family on the eve of her 107th Birthday and be it further RESOLVED, that the Town of Brant is proud to have Erie County?s oldest citizen enjoying her long life as a resident of our town and, Finally, we wish DAISY MAE ERICK WINTERS a joyous and Happy 107th BIRTHDAY and proclaim TUESDAY AUGUST 29th , 2006 as DAISY WINTERS DAY in the Town of Brant. All residents should honor Daisy on this day by doing something nice for a senior. Leonard K. Pero. Town of Brant Supervisor