The Town of Brant has instituted 5 new building permit fees per Resolution # 071106-#20 They are: Pools: Above Ground: $10.00 In Ground: $15.00 Decks and porches: $15.00 Solid Fuel Burning Stoves: $10.00 Chimneys: $10.00 FOR A COMPLETE LISTING SEE CODE BOOK CH. 161, Article XI, Sec. 161-69 (FEES, BRANT TOWN ZONING LAW): Previously existing building permit fees are listed below: 1) Construction of new residence (May include garage) a) First 1000 sq. ft. $30.00 b) 1000 to 2000 sq ft $50.00 c) Over 2000 sq ft $100.00 2) Structural alteration with plumbing $25.00 3) Structural alterations with no plumbing $10.00 4) Agricultural permit: $25.00 5) Construction of new garage or accessory building: a) Accessory building less than 140 sq ft: NO fee b) Accessory building 140 sq ft or more: $15.00 c) Residential garage: $20.00 6) Commercial building permits (sq ft of area & overall building dimensions): a) Up to 1,200 sq ft: $50.00 b) Up to 3,000 sq ft: $100.00 c) Up to 4,500 sq ft: $200.00 If the permit is granted, the fees paid shall entitle the applicant to a certificate of occupancy at no additional fees, provided the applicant applies for the certificate within (1) one year of the effective date of the permit. There are other fees that have not been listed here. For a complete list, visit the Town Hall Clerks office