THESE MINUTES ARE SUBJECT TO PLANNING BOARD APPROVAL TOWN OF BRANT PLANNING BOARD MINUTES TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2006 1294 Brant-North Collins Road Brant, New York 14027 Planning Board Meeting Joseph Gardyjan, Chairman IN ATTENDANCE: Joseph Gardyjan Neal Wilson Michelle Hy Joyce Ellis Phillip Pericak Tom Gerace Also present: Marty Rosiek, Roseann Turner (Councilwoman) At 8:07 PM, the Meeting was called to order by Planning Board Chairman Joseph Gardyjan. The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the last Planning Board Meeting held November 22nd of 2005. Neal Wilson motioned to accept them and Joseph Gardyjan seconded the motion. NEW BUSINESS. Discussion began with Joseph Gardyjan asking the board if anyone had certain goals they felt should be discussed regarding the Planning Board for the New Year. Michelle requested that the members receive the agenda at least one week before each meeting. Then, Joseph asked if any members wished to change the start time of the monthly meetings. Joe Gardyjan made a motion to change the start time to 7:00 PM. Neal Wilson and Joyce Ellis both seconded the motion. All Ayes, motion approved. All members were given a copy of the proposed changes to be made to the sign law currently in effect in Orchard Park. Board members were instructed to review the proposed changes to be made by Orchard Park so that discussions can be made at the next Planning Board meeting in February. OLD BUSINESS. Joseph Gardyjan mentioned noticing activity being conducted at the old Kusior Junkyard on Route 20 near Hammond Rd. Mr. Gardyjan discussed concerns over spilled oil and automotive fluids that might be harmful to the surrounding well water. The Planning Board discussed requesting Gary Brecker to make a visit to the location to inspect for junkyard and dismantling activity and to check for a valid license. Gary Brecker is then to report to the Planning Board with his findings. Joyce Ellis mentioned the possibility of limiting junkyards in Brant and Joe Garyjan agreed with her. Neal Wilson suggested drawing up something like the laws the town has on used car lots. Phil Pericak motioned to have Gary check all junk yards for valid licenses. Michelle Hy seconded the motion. Gary to check all Special Use Permits that are up for renewal and bring expired ones to the Town Board. Joseph Gardyjan said that the Planning Board?s next move will depend on Gary Brecker?s findings. No other business was discussed. Joseph Gardyjan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:38 PM. Neal Wilson seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Daniel Planning Board Secretary Respectfully submitted, Barbara Daniel Planning Board Secretary