WORK SHOP 4-6-06

Record of the Work Shop held on Thursday, April 6, 2006 @ 7:30PM Brant Town Hall in preparation for the April 11, 2006 Brant Town Board Meeting ATTENDANCE: Supervisor Leonard Pero Councilman John D. Arrigo Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier Councilwoman Roseann Turner Councilman John D. Chiavetta Attorney William J. Trask Sr. Town Clerk Thea Ells Gary Brecker, Code Officer Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan Village of Farnham Mayor, Terry Caber Michael Daniel, Daniel Auto Sales Alice Escott, Town Crier Call to Order by Councilman Arrigo Pledge to the Flag Town Clerk Thea Ells verified that this meeting which is on the annual list of meetings: was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, and Farnham Post Office also in the report of the Town Crier, and an agenda was placed at the Town Hall and sent to the Town Crier. Items for Review ? Resolution for extension on water contract with Farnham this item was addressed at 8:30 after Supervisor Pero arrived: On a motion from Supervisor Pero, seconded by Councilman Arrigo the following RESOLUTION 040606-#8 was adopted with a roll call vote of the following members present: 5 AYES- 0 NAYS Supervisor Leonard K. Pero Voting Aye Councilman Arrigo Voting Aye Councilman Gier Voting Aye Councilwoman Turner Voting Aye Councilman Chiavetta Voting Aye It is hereby resolved by the Town of Brant; Erie County, State of New York that: WHEREAS, The Town of Brant, New York, for and on behalf of the Brant Water District No. 1 (?Town?) and the Village of Farnham, New York (?Village?) previously entered into a Water Supply Agreement dated October 17, 1995 (?1995 WSA?), and WHEREAS, the 1995 WSA ran for an initial period of ten (10) years and provided for renewal, modification or nullification after the expiration of the initial ten-year term, and WHEREAS, the Brant Town Board has appointed a committee to investigate and recommend options for water supply and service for the Brant Water District No. 1, and WHEREAS, both the Town and Village are desirous of providing for a temporary extension of the existing Agreement so as to allow the Town sufficient time to investigate its options and to establish a long-term arrangement for supply and service, NOW, THEREFORE IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1. The Town and Village agree to extend the 1995 WSA on the same terms and conditions until December 31, 2006. 2. The Town has indicated to the Village that it does not plan to use the services of the Village past December 31, 2006 if it is able to make other acceptable arrangements for supply and service. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THIS RESOLUTION AUTHORIZES SUPERVISOR PERO TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE AFOREMENTIONED TOWN AND VILLAGE NAMED AS: EXTENSION AGREEMENT TO WATER SUPPLY AGREEMENT BETWEEN TOWN OF BRANT AND VILLAGE OF FARNHAM DATED OCTOBER 17, 1995 Police update meeting with Evans April 12 @ 7:00PM Committee Meeting before final decision for Chief position is appointed: with the Town of Evans to look at possible consolidation Recreation updates - Vince Fininzio, Director is meeting with County and bus drivers will be appointed at April meeting Councilors at May meeting. Driver school update ? 1st class is set for Saturday April 22 Update tennis & basketball courts- Olson agreed to wait on any further work to the courts till Board could resolve budget issues Memorial Park Streetscape - set Public Meeting for Thursday May 4, Workshop at 7:30 To be advertised in Newsletter, Post Office, web site and Town Crier will mention ? will be set and announced at 4-11-06 meeting School Board meeting April 11, 2006 ? Councilman Jeffrey Gier is attending to represent the Town Board Update Surfside Water - See packet of information - MPR has been received and filed in the Clerk?s Office next step is to set a public hearing ? Board will review further before that step Alternates Board of Review ? As Jack Mancuso is ill but wishes not to resign and the Board will honor that request 3 alternates will be appointed at the 4-11-06 meeting as follows: Clark Borngraber, Virginia Schilling, and Jamie Solecki they have volunteered and been notified so that they can attend training on either April 11 or May 4 Update Highway Superintendent retirement - Joe Giambrone did not resign his position he is getting his pension and retirement and is within the income levels to do so. Set meeting date with LSY Football - Thursday April 14, @ 7:00 PM Committee Grove and Grounds ? Gier & Turner Community & Recreation Bldg?s - Turner & Gier Joe Giambrone and Thea Ells will attend Arts Council Award - they will be presenting check to Brant for our Concerts in the Park Letters have gone out for business?s to donate C. Arrigo ? can pop monies be designated for concerts? Gina has booked bands already will have report at 4-11-06 meeting. Ethics Policy ? C. Arrigo asked for committee to meet at the next workshop ? 5-4-06 Vouchers - Auditing Committee, Gier and Arrigo, reviewed all vouchers for the April abstract/ clerk will have summary page for meeting. Department reports distributed to Board that have been turned in by workshop ? Clerks? checking, tax savings, tax checking reconciliations, Clerks? March report, includes a motion for appointment of grant clerk and to help with planning and zoning, Dog Control March report, Police Patrol Report for March. Resolution: for 4-11-06 meeting for Court Grant application Information for News Letter - public should be made aware of the different issues the board is dealing with at this time i.e. ? billboards, private trucks, windmill- energy, property maintenance Committee Reports Billboards & Signs - suggestion for committee to start by counting billboards signs, etc by size and zoning they are in ? research the process by which these signs were allowed and possible permits and collection of monies. Documentation w/ digital pictures, etc. contact South town Planning Development Group and General Code publisher for legislation Tractor Trailers ? suggestion for committee to do same ? consolidate information as to how many independent truckers w/ trucks- zones they are in etc. Possible to have a special use permit where the parking, etc can be monitored. Junk Yards- Discussed the difference between junk dealers and junk yard Brecker is working with Trask on legal description of junk and need to start with same as others mentioned above set down sites and zones they are in etc. Wind Mills ? nothing new at this time Property Maintenance ? Brecker can use State Code but would like some fines set. Events & Beautification ? Nothing at this time Energy ? Nothing new at this time Employee Hand Book ? nothing new at this time Councilman Reports John Arrigo Jeff Gier Roseann Turner John Chiavetta ? meeting next week with Jim Shea to go over information he has concerning possible water service agreement Bill Trask ? suggestion to pass a local law, which would abolish the Town law for publishing ? in the paper (it can be posted and on web and copies available to public) the entire local after being adopted. On a motion from Supervisor Pero, seconded by Councilman Arrigo, the following motion was Ayes 5 Pero, Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta Nays 0 ADOPTED: TO ADJOURN THE APRIL 6, 2006 BRANT TOWN BOARD WORK SESSION AT 9:08 PM Respectfully submitted, Thea A. Ells, Brant Town Clerk