Brant police are recognized at board meeting

BRANT — The Brant Police Department was main focus of the Brant Town Board’s August meeting, as not only did the department receive money from Senator Mark Grisanti’s office, a part-time police officer was appointed and a letter of thanks and recognition for the department was read, at the meeting.

Michael Petritz was appointed as the newest part-time police officer with the Brant Police Department. 

Supervisor Leonard Pero then read a letter of thanks and recognition from village of Depew resident Linda Hammer, who called upon the help of the Brand Police Department during a recent camping trip. 

“I would like to thank your police department for helping me, while I was camping at Evangola State Park,” the letter read. “I accidentally locked two sets of keys in my car and called the New York State Troopers, who told us they couldn’t help. We called the Brant Police Department, and shortly after, officer Rick Lopez arrived to help. 

“I just wanted to say that I’m glad you have a local police department that is so willing to help people in need,” the letter continued. “You don’t get personal service from the troopers or the sheriffs and that personal touch is what people want, when they are in need of help.” 

Pero also announced that the police department will be receiving $15,600 from Grisanti’s office to put toward purchasing a new plate reader, which will cost approximately $21,000-$23,000. The town also received a $1,500 donation from William McFadden, who said he wanted the money to go toward purchasing equipment needed by the department. 

“This is very wonderful thing, that our police department is doing the job they have been doing,” Pero said. “I’d like to commend the department for all of their hard work and dedication.”

Police Chief Donald Hepkins explained the necessity for the plate reader for the police department.

“We probably arrest, on the average, 3-4 drivers per week with suspended licenses,” Hepkins said. 

“I know that, that may not seem like much, but these people are not supposed to be driving. These are the people that New York state has told that they don’t have the right to drive. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

“With a plate reader, it is updated every day with up-to-date data provided by the state,” he continued. “Eden has one, the sheriffs have one; it’s just a tremendous tool to get these people off of the road that don’t belong behind the wheel. These are the people that cause the accidents that hurt people, hurt families, people who don’t have the privilege to drive.”

Pero made a motion to purchase the plate reader, pending the receipt of funds from Grisanti. 

The next town of Brant board meeting is scheduled to take place on Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m. 

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