This Regular Meeting of the Brant Town Board was held on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at the Brant Town Hall, located at 1272 Brant North Collins Rd, Brant, New York at 6:30 PM.

Leonard K. Pero		Supervisor
Clark Borngraber	Councilman
Chad Kaczmarek	Councilman
Donald Clark		Councilman
Jeffrey Gier		Councilman
Barbara J. Daniel 	Town Clerk, Recording Secretary

Linda Crouse		Town Justice
Julie Sager		Court Clerk

The workshop opened at 6:47 PM with a pledge to the flag.  In accordance with the Public Officerís law, media was notified of this meeting and it was advertised with the following signs:
The Brant Town Hall, 1272 Brant North Collins Road, 
Brant, NY 14027

	This is to advise that the BRANT TOWN BOARD has scheduled a Budget workshop for Thursday October 17th at 6:30 PM for the purpose of working on the following:

ē	Board Review of the 2014 Tentative Budget
ē	Any other business properly brought before the Board

 The posting of this notice and advising the legal newspaper, complies with Article 7 of the Public Officers LawÖ.relating to open meetings.

							Barbara J Daniel
							Brant Town Clerk
							October 11, 2013

Supervisor Pero noted that approval was needed to prepay a voucher for Buffalo Red for the Hwy Salt Shed. The total was $7400.00 but a down payment of $3500.00 was needed now. 
A Motion was made by Supervisor Pero and seconded by Councilman Don Clark to pay $3500.00 to Buffalo Red.   5 ayes, 0 nays.  Motion Carried.

Supervisor Pero noted that his tentative budget proposes a 2% pay increase for elected officials and 3% increases for appointed positions.

Justice Linda Crouse spoke about foregoing the judges 2% raise and cutting their contractual budget to 5,000 so the court clerks pay could be brought closer to other Towns.  The clerks salaries are currently $24,680.00 and would go up 8 Ĺ % to $26,670.00

Councilman Gier said that giving someone 8% and everyone else 3% is not fair.
Justice Crouse said the judges are willing to forgo their increases to bring the Clerks closer to what they should be making.  She added that if anyone would complain that should be noted.
Councilman Clark and Councilman Borngraber agreed with the 8% raise for the Court Clerks.
A decision would be made later in the meeting.

Councilman Gier brought up the topic of buying supplies in Bulk for a savings to the Town. 
Supervisor Pero proceeded to go line by line in the budget.

He explained that Allenís position will be Building and Grounds Superintendent.  The position will be 39 hours a week and would eliminate the contract for lawn mowing.  The town would proceed to purchase the necessary equipment and it would then be one of the Building & Grounds Superintendentís responsibilities. 

Councilman Clark questioned the new positions.  Councilman Borngraber responded that Allen has been doing so many jobs that he deserves to get paid for them.  Councilman Clark asked if this position would be advertised.  Would it be civil service competitive? 

A Motion was made by Councilman Clark Borngraber to give the Court Clerks an 8% raise.  Discussion followed.   It was put on Hold.

Supervisor Pero noted that elected Officials would be getting a 2% increase. All others (appointed) would be getting a 3% increase.

Discussion on a 5% increase for Part time Clerk to the courts Diane Czyz to 11.50/hr.
12.00/hr for the Bench Clerks.

Supervisorís Office:  Supervisor 2%, Supervisors Secretary 3% to 15.70/hr.
Town Accountant stayed the same
Assessorís Clerk 3%, Pero noted the Assessor Joseph DeCarlo said he was in agreement with that.

Town Clerk 2% increase, Deputy Town Clerks a 3% increase.
Councilman Gier wants a buyout quote on the previously leased printers.

Attorney and Prosecutor a 3% increase.
Engineer at $1,000.
Records Management (Town Clerk) a 2% increase.
Grant Writer to stay at $15,000

Custodians a 3% increase
Central Printing and Mailing up to $5,500
Police Chief a 3% raise
Patrolman a 3% raise
Highway Superintendent 2% raise.  Also, his pay for Buildings and grounds will be worked into his salary.
Highway Clerk a 3% raise

Recreation a 3% increase from 36,500 to 37,000
No money allotted for a Winter Program
$6,000 was taken from Parks to add to Allenís Position as Superintendent
Parks Contractual is at 17,500.
Pool is ok at 10,000
Library we donate $500.00 to each.
After much discussion, Celebrations is at 4,000. and that includes Brantfest , Easter Egg Hunt, etc.

Councilman Clark requested a public Financial Report on Brantfest. He stated that it appears we lost $3,000 on Brantfest.  Supervisor Pero attempted to give Councilman Clark and financial report that he drafted, with the assistance of auditor Joseph Ostrowski.  Councilman Clark declined to look at the report.

It was noted that the Ambulance Contract with Farnham is a 3 year Contract.
We have no contract with North Collins ambulance.

It was suggested that regarding the Zoning Board that they have a meeting before the scheduled mtg.

The Garbage Contract dropped to $105,000.
There is 12% in the Fund Balance for the B Fund.
Snow Removal: Erie County increased the contract by 3%.

Supervisor Pero noted there will be no tax increase in B & DB.
The taxes in the Water District are down. Water dropped to 7.16/thousand
There is an increase in taxes in the A Fund
There is a decrease in DA
It was noted that there is an increase in Fines from the Court.
There is a decrease in the Street Lighting Fund.

A discussion of Brantfest.  Councilman Gier stated that we need a better handle on the whole process. 
A committee should be set up and the finances should be known to the Public. 

Councilman Clark suggested contacting Attorney Trask regarding the status of civil service for Allenís new position.

A motion was made by Councilman Gier and seconded by Councilman Clark to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 PM.  Motion Carried

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Daniel
Brant Town Clerk