THE BRANT TOWN BOARD WILL HOLD A MEETING FOR THE PRESENTATION AND REVIEW OF THE TENTATIVE 2013 BUDGET. NOTICE OF MEETING OF THE BRANT TOWN BOARD 10/3/12 This is to advise that the BRANT TOWN BOARD has scheduled a workshop for Wednesday October 3RD at 6:30 PM for the purpose of: ? Presentation of the 2013 Tentative Budget ? Supervisor?s Review of the budget. Immediately following, the Board will discuss: ? employee handbook ? School Tax collection in 2013 ? any other business properly brought before the Board. The posting of this notice and advising the legal newspaper, is intended to comply with the requirements of Article 7 of the Public Officers Law?.relating to open meetings. Barbara J. Daniel Brant Town Clerk September 24, 2012 The Legal paper (The SUN) has been notified of this meeting to comply with Section 104 of the Public Officers law