The Town Board Workshop Meeting  held on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at the Brant Town Hall, 
Located at 1272 Brant North Collins Rd., Brant, New York 14027 at 6:30PM.

Minutes of the Town Workshop held on April 3, 2012 at 6:30 PM at the Brant Town Hall.
Present:  Supervisor Leonard Pero, Councilmen Jeff Gier, Chad Kaczmarek and Don Clark,
Gary Brecker CEO, Tom Banzer, Timothy Dotson, Bill Trask, Town Attorney and Diane Czyz
Recording Secretary

Supervisor Pero called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM.

Tom Banzer and Timothy Dotson from Brant Auto Parts requested rezoning from Rural Residential to Industrial. There was a discussion and they wanted assurance that the property could be sold as a 
Junkyard in the future should they sell.

Supervisor Pero spoke about candidates that have applied for Assistant Recreation Director.
Ryan Turner, Bethany Davis and Nicholas Paternostro. 

The meeting was called into Executive Session at 7:10 Pm by Supervisor Pero. Motion by Supervisor
Pero to end the executive session at 7:23PM.

Painting of the Highway Garage was discussed and agreed that it possibly could be done 
By the Highway Department Employees.

Discussion of Health Insurance, possibility of employees share increasing.

The Town Handbook was discussed.  Supervisor Pero will look into hiring an outside company to 
Possibly undertake depending on the cost.

Police Garage: it was discussed that we will look into putting electricity underground.

The Playground by the Town Hall will remain here on site. Many residents use it.

Town Hall Café:  Supervisor Pero said he would look into insurance.

Christmas Tree Lights were discussed for the tree in front of the Town Hall. Supervisor Pero mentioned that there may be a grant available to purchase the lights for free from NYSERDA.

It was suggested that the Town look into purchasing the property from Joe Catalano which
Houses the historic migrant camp oven.

Project Proposal for Historical Committee to look into putting Historical Signs on Historical Homes.

Work Place Violence: Supervisor Pero will continue to work on.

Town Water With CRA: They are looking into availability and feasibility of water with North Collins.
Right now it?s not able to be done due to the wells.

Old Town Hall: will propose at next Town meeting to sell it.
Supervisor Pero will arrange to have Town Maintenance man, Allen Nolan bring over the records that are stored in the basement.

Football field Lights: National Grid will contact Chad Kaczmarek and Gary Brecker when they 
Determine if we have 3 phase electric on site.

The Rock at the Entrance of the Park: needs to be refreshed. Supervisor Pero will address.

Supervisor Pero stated he will check with NYSERDA to check the Town Hall Building for Rooftop
Solar Panels.

The roof on the Senior Building: Supervisor Pero to check out getting quotes. Suggestion by Don Clark to 
Look into Metal and Asphalt.

Recreation with North Collins: was decided to let the Recreation Directors discuss.

Park Master Plan: Supervisor Pero has and will set up meeting in the future.

Senior Recreation: suggestion to wait till the group can get together.

Restrooms for the Town Park: Suggestion to put up by the horseshoe pits. Chad said John Killian 
Would put up the restrooms for free as long as the Town provides the material.

The One Ton Truck is in.

Supervisor Pero will look into getting magnetic signs for the Code Enforcement Officer, Supervisor, etc.

Supervisor Pero  said Summerfest will be June 15th and 16th.

Went into Executive Session at 8:21 PM. Motion was made by Supervisor Pero, seconded by Jeff Gier to end the Executive Session at 9:00 PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by Supervisor Pero.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara j Daniel
Brant Town Clerk