May 2011 Planning Board minutes

MAY 26, 2011 MINUTES

Others present: Gary Brecker ? Code Enforcement Officer, John Snyder ? owner of Snyder Auto Sales

Chairman Ostrowski opened the meeting. 

The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Snyder Auto Sales ? John Snyder, owner of the business, has requested to increase his allotment of vehicles from 15 to 78. He has been in business for 10 years, He has sufficient parking for customers. A question about public restroom was raised. He said he has permission to use the neighboring business restrooms ? he has the key to get in.  He does not do car repairs at the facility. A motion was made by Joe Ostrowski to recommend that the Town Board accept the special use permit request. Seconded by Denise Lundell. Approved 

Hydrolawn was scheduled to appear for the special use permit for a repair shop ? this will be tabled until the representatives of Hydrolawn appear.

The Planning Board is proceeding with work on a code for protecting the aquifer.

There is an unauthorized junkyard at the corner of Rte. 249 & Versailles Plank Rd. The code enforcement officer is taking care of it. 

Motion to adjourn was made by Chairman Ostrowski, seconded by Denise Lundell. Approved.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lynda Ostrowski
Planning Board Secretary