July 2011 Planning Board minutes

July 26, 2011 MINUTES

Guests Present: Mr. Snyder

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ostrowski

A motion to accept the June Minutes was made by Joe Ostrowski and 2nd by Janice Ross. Approved.

The Planning Board met with Mr. Snyder and recommended that he complete a new application for a Special Use Permit, addressing each point in the town code which he can obtain online and meet with the Code Enforcement Officer to review the Special Use Permit.

Aqufir: Carol Brodie made a motion and 2nd by Brenda Giacchino to recommend the Town Board  prepare a resolution to send to our state representative to keep the hydrofracking to a local level so we can control that issue within our town. Motion Adopted

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Carol Brodie and 2nd by Joe Ostrowski approved.