As of January 15, 2006, New York State has changed the Dog Licensing Law.  Upon the purchase of your dog license in 2006, the license will expire one year from the month and day of your dog's rabies vaccination.  For example, if you purchase a dog's license in January of February when it expires, as required by law, and your dog's rabies shot expires in May, you will be required to purchase another license in May of 2006.

It is now advised to all dog owners to vaccinate your dog in January of February prior to purchasing the license and this license will be vaild for an emtire year.  The rabies vaccination will still be good for three years unless it is a one year booster.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this new law may cause you.  If you have any questions regarding this law, please contact our office at 716-549-0282.

For a current list of FREE rabies clinics in the area, follow this link:

Thank you,
Barbara Daniel
Brant Town Clerk