Jan 25, 2011 Planning Board minutes


PRESENT: Carol Brodie, Denise Lundell, Joe Ostrowski, Lynda Ostrowski, Janice Ross

EXCUSED:  Barb Daniel, Michelle Hy

ABSENT: Tish Brady, Brenda Giacchino, Jamie Solecki

Chairman Ostrowski opened the meeting at 7:35pm

SEQR Application ? Some discrepancies were noticed ? 
1. On page 2 ? Project Information sheet, it was stated in the Description of Action that the tower height is 300 ft. It is also stated at the bottom of page 3, 300 ft and page 5 under Zoning and Planning Information No. 5, 300 ft. On page 12 ? Evaluation of the Importance of Impacts, you state the height is 299 ft and on page 1, Full Environmental Assessment Form it states 299 ft. 
The distinction is very important because of the FCC regulations regarding 300 ft towers versus 299 ft towers. 

2. On page 2 ? the present land use is marked as Forest/Wooded. On page 5 under Zoning and Planning Information No. 2 says Agricultural and No. 7 says Forest Land. This land is zoned as agricultural and should be stated throughout the whole application. If the Frye?s decided to take the trees down to plant vegetables, there would be no more forest land. 

3. Road length. On page 3 no. 17 it says the cable will be buried underground 1600 feet from Milestrip Rd. and on page 12 it is stated that the tower is located approx. 1500 ft from Milestrip Rd. These should be the same.

4. Acreage ? It is stated that the total acreage is .06. If you take the footprint of the tower and the roadway the calculation is .39 acres. 

5. Transmitter building size ? on page 2 and page 5 the size is stated as 11?x16? which would be 11? wide x 16? long. On page 3 it states the size as 8?x11?x16 which would be 8? wide x 11? long x 16? high. It was suggested by Joe to send Gary Brecker a letter mentioning these inconsistencies and identify by page and section. 

Unexcused absences ? Some people have been attending only 1 or 2 meetings a year. At times, a quorum has not been present so no motions could be made. A motion made by Joe and 2nd by everyone to recommend to the Town Board that any member that has 3 or more unexcused absences should be dismissed from the Planning Board and a replacement appointed to ensure a fully functioning Planning Board. All agreed motion passed.

Chairman Ostrowski asked for a motion to adjourn. The motion was made by Denise & 2nd by Carol.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Respectfully Submitted

Lynda Ostrowski
Brant Planning Board Secretary