Minutes: Town Board Meeting Tuesday July 20,, 2010 at 7:00 PM, Brant Town Hall

Present: Supervisor Leonard Pero, Councilman Jeffrey Gier, Councilman Daniel Kujawinski, Councilman Vincent Fullone Councilman Clark Borngraber, Attorney William J. Trask Sr., Town Clerk Thea Ells
Record of Sign In: Peter Gugino, Linda Crouse, Janet Bowman, Beverly Wasmund, Rose Marie DeMaria,  Charles Arrigo, Chad Kaczmarek, Re? Biastre, Brian Rott, Debra Ritz, Joe DeCarlo, William Easterling. 

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Pero at 7:00 PM with a Pledge to the flag.

 Old Business 

Pool Bathhouse Project:  Borngraber report6ed that the engineer would be filing a report. 
Tennis Courts Repair: Borngraber reported that it is being completed by Giambrone and Gier will get the top coat.
Salt Shed Repairs: Giambrone will get some quotes on repairs. 
Chad Kaczmarek reported to the board an approval letter from Brant CEO, Gary Brecker in regards to the garage building plans. Attorney?s have corresponded and Trask reported the proposal includes the addition of lighting and advised the board members retire to executive when the time comes to review the contract. Attorney Trask Sr. reported to the board various items that need to be accomplished before contract review. The intent is to ratify the concession stand agreement to include the garage building. Borngraber was conferred where the site would be, and area is marked for review of members.  
Recreation: Gier reported that he had a meeting with Vince Fininzio, director and Joseph DeMaria, and reviewed issues, and is happy with the steps put in place by the director. Board members discussed placement of a fence for better traffic control, one is planned to be put at the second entrance to the new park area per insurance companies request, all agreed that would be sufficient.  Gier reviewed a voucher for Fantasy Island and the members agreed to cover the cost of $50.00 for a pavilion for use at Fantasy Island. Discussion continued of a trac phone for the town for use by the recreation director for his availability, and the need for a credit card for deposit for field trips, and other issues in town. 
Credit Card: Board members discussed the need of a town credit card for purchases of items on line and ordering certain items. Ells reported that she had distributed a sample credit card policy and a procurement policy and she can redistribute but a procurement policy is needed first, for the credit card policy to follow those guidelines.  Pero stated the town has a procurement policy.  Pero stated that the card should be handled by the Town Clerks Office.  Attorney Trask, Ells and audit committee will review. 

Highway/CHIPS: Giambrone reported to the board what he has spent so far ? aprox. $17,000.00 and he would like to finish some road work but will need approval to pay the bills ASAP as the request for reimbursement needs to be in by August 3rd., and the billed need to be paid by then. 
Supervisor Pero moved for adoption of the following motion #214, motion seconded by Councilman Kujawinski. Roll Call Vote: Pero- aye, Kujawinski- aye, Gier ? aye, Fullone ? aye, Borngraber ? aye 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains  
#214 RESOLVED: to approve payment of bills before next abstract not to exceed $39,000.00 for permanent improvement to highways which will be reimbursed to the town with CHIPS monies. 

Supervisor Pero moved for adoption of the following motion #215, motion seconded by Councilman Borngraber. Roll Call Vote: Pero- aye, Borngraber ? aye Kujawinski- aye, Fullone ? aye, Gier ? aye, 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains  
#214 RESOLVED: to approve expenditure of highway monies up to $5,500.00 to repair the Ellis Road Bridge with concrete. 

Surfside Sewer/water hook up: Board members discussed the hook up for a new house on surfside Dr., Giambrone obtained signatures to a road damage repair agreement, and Attorney Trask discussed with the board the need for a law (Public Improvement Permit) which requires a permit for this kind of work, CEO Brecker agreed. Contractors  Insurance certification will be required also.  

Highway Truck: Gier, Fullone and Giambrone will review and put together spec?s to advertise for vehicle. 
CDBG Senior Fitness Center: Meeting scheduled to review grant on July 29th.
Electro Magnetic Pulse: Presentation to be held at the Senior Community Bldg on July 22 at 7:00 PM. 
Brant School:
Attorney Trask has nothing new/ no title documents, and he will do his best to get done ASAP when he has paperwork. 
Peter Gugino reported that he has been informed that there is no money available for chairs, bench etc, until the budget passes. He will update Board members when he has definite commitment for reimbursement. Peter reported as chairman for the new town hall committee: he has information on room sizes that each department requested; Thea will provide a map of room sizes.  Pero spoke concerning ceremony and dates to plan for. 
Jeff Gier spoke concerning new town hall committee: this committee gave a final report in January and now this is  renovate the old school committee and he spoke on what type of committee is it. Gier stated he wants to start this right. CEO, Brecker spoke concerning changing the use of a public building. He will need to review a consultants plan. Gier spoke concerning an architect and having him review building use.  Gugino and CEO spoke of only having minor changes.  Committee is an advisory board and town board will be in charge of phones, cable, utilities, etc. 
Board discussed Nussbaumer and having them and the architect they are recommending walk through with committee. Discussion continued with comments that North Collins did not spend anything on engineers when they converted a building. Committee and department heads will meet soon to walk through.  Report will be given on August 10th. 
Invitation to attend an appreciation evening for Diana Cafferty to Board members.
Lynn Dixon sent information on a program called Erie County Housing/Homeless Outreach Program (ECHO). Low Income tenants may receive financial assistance, legal advocacy, with the programs goal being to stabilize families and assist before they become homeless. This should benefit families and landlords.  
Dixon is working on application of medical expenses when figuring incomes for seniors for exemptions. Joe DeCarlo will work on with Lynn and  

Councilman Kujawinski moved for adoption of the following #194, seconded by Councilman Fullone. Roll Call Vote: Kujawinski- aye, Fullone -aye, Gier ? aye, Pero-aye, Borngraber ? aye, 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains 
#215 RESOLVED TO APPROVE vouchers for payment as of July 20, 2010
Abstract 8 of 2010

*Prepaid as of July 20, 2010
Clerk asked for approval as some bills do not qualify as pre paid/ namely Bison Labs, Walmart and Michelle Loomis for pool & Rec.

General Fund Town wide Vouchers prepaid 272-281/Totaling: $2,405.16 
Highway Part Town Vouchers: Prepaid 24-26/Totaling: $9448.54

Privilege of Floor:
Lee Brunelli inquired if Board would have a PA system in the Town Hall meeting room.
Giambrone: spoke that he is getting fill over in new park and would like to get a bulldozer to level it out. Thanks to workers that put in the guard rails on the roadway to the park. 

Councilman Fullone moved for adoption of the following #216, seconded by Councilman Gier.  5 ayes: Pero, Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, Borngraber 0 nays

Respectfully submitted,

Thea A. Ells, Brant Town Clerk