Minutes of the 4-27-10 SPECIAL Town Board Mtg

Minutes: Town Board Meeting Tuesday April 27, at 7:00 PM, Brant Town Hall. 	

Present: Supervisor Leonard Pero, Councilman Jeffrey Gier, Councilman Daniel Kujawinski, Councilman Vincent Fullone, Councilman Clark Borngraber
Attorney William J. Trask Sr. Town Clerk Thea Ells
Record of Sign In: Charles Arrigo, Brian Rott, Debra Ritz, Rose DeMaria, Martin Rosiek, Brian Campbell, Ellen George, James George, Joseph Giambrone, Lee Brunelli, Scott Kaczmarek, Kirk Ritz, Ron Kobel

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Leonard Pero at 7:00 PM.

Old Business:
Brant School/Town Hall
Supervisor Pero reported that most board members were able to have a walk through the Brant School; he reported that board is considering offering $100,000.00 for the building instead of building a new town hall which is estimated to cost a minimum 1.5 million dollars. 
Attorney Trask has received a draft contract, notice of a meeting scheduled for May 4th for the school board; a 30 day permissive referendum will have to be observed by the school district after and if they accept a resolution of intent to purchase from the town. No referendum is needed on the side of the town. He recommends highly that an engineering firm conducts an independent evaluation of property and to give the board some idea of the cost of renovation for our use. Pero asked if the new town hall committee should be handling these issues, attorney answered these are town board issues. Contract agreement would be the 30 day period only to evaluate building. 

Supervisor Pero moved for adoption of the following motion #132, seconded by Councilman Kujawinski. Roll Call Vote: Pero ?aye, Kujawinski ? aye, Gier ? aye, Fullone ? aye, Borngraber- aye, 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains 
#132: RESOLVED TO Authorize Supervisor Pero To Sign A Purchase Offer, On Behalf Of The Town Board Of The Town Of Brant, For Property Located At 1272 Brant North Collins Road In The Town Of Brant, From Owner Of Record Evans Brant Central School District In The Amount Of $100,000.00 Subject To A Satisfactory Engineer Inspection Of Said Buildings And Grounds And Subject To Town Attorney Approval And An Evans Brant School District Permissive Referendum.  

Park Grounds Contract Award
Board members reviewed insurance information, DEC requirements for pesticide spraying, 
and confirmed SAK is a sole proprietor, and reviewed work outside contract items. He recommends parameters should be set for work outside scope of contract with controls and who is authorized to approve work. Discussion of bid spec?s, etc.    

Councilman Gier moved for adoption of the following motion #133, seconded by Councilman Kujawinski: Roll Call vote: 3 ayes: Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, 1 nays, Pero, 1 abstain, Borngraber 
#133: RESOLVED: TO Award The Grounds Maintenance Contract To S.A.K. For A One Year Term In The Amount Of $11,500.00 With Hourly Rate Of $40.00 For Work Performed Outside Of Contract 

Pool House Roof
Nothing new to report
National Grid Meter Change
Job has been filed and a number received from National Grid, Tim Clark will be following up.
Borngraber reported he has checked with several companies, and Joe Giambrone. Prevailing wage issues with building maintenance with outside contractors, discussion that Joe Giambrone has done for over twenty years but is hired as a contractor not as an employee.
The pool is possibly in need of painting, concrete work, and tile repair. Joe Giambrone is concerned with Ethics Code as he is already a town employee. Attorney advised to contact Labor Dept. and Borngraber can solicit some costs from companies. Giambrone said he will give a description of work to be done, and board to look into if laborers can do work. Board will address at the next meeting. 
Lake Shore Youth Football
Kujawinski reported the wrestling mats were removed and building is cleaned out.  
There was some discussion with attorney Trask concerning wrestling organization and having a business entity or name, as they have a separate insurance certificate in that name. Chad Kaczmarek said they just put that name out there as they needed for those events but they are Lake Shore Youth Football. Trask stated insurance cert has to name wrestling activities. 
During discussion of garage for LSYF and other plans at park, Attorney Trask suggests the organization present a written and drawn proposal with building plans, insurance information etc. to the Town Board for review of next steps to take. 

Park Master Plan 
Nothing new to report
Farnham Voucher
Pero reported sending a letter to Village of Farnham and the Village Board addressed it at their meeting Monday and the Village is requesting a copy of study and they will send dollars agreed to.
Pero reported receipt of Delta Dental Insurance increase in coverage for $4.23 family $9.58 monthly and his secretary was questioning if town would cover increase? Board members agreed that cap is in place for increases to be covered by employees. 
Pero confirmed all received letter of interest from Mike Muffoletto for recreation. 
Pero received correspondence from Erie County Disaster Preparedness. 

Gier asked for approval to place an ad for lifeguards in the penny saver as past practice.
Councilman Gier moved for adoption of the following motion #134, seconded by Councilman Fullone: 5 ayes: Pero, Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, Borngraber 0 nays, 0 abstain, 
# 134: RESOLVED: TO Approve Placing An Ad In Local Penny Savers For Summer Lifeguards ? Help Wanted

Kujawinski reported that the Village of Farnham Clerk is having a meeting Monday with regional representatives and he plans on attending to address issues with Casella as long as they are here in area. 

Councilman Kujawinski moved for adoption of the following motion #135, seconded by Councilman Gier: 5 ayes: Pero, Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, Borngraber 0 nays, 0 abstain, 
# 135: RESOLVED: To Authorize Supervisor Pero To Address A Letter To CRA And To The Village Of North Collins Stating The Town Of Brant Has Decided Not To Pursue A Water District With The Village Of North Collins

Councilman Kujawinski reported receipt of NFTA hearings for bus routes and asked that it be posted at the Town Hall. 
Town Clerk reported on various issues with the Board:
Thea reported that she had pre pays ready on an abstract and she asked for direction from board as last pre pay abstract was not pre paid as per memo from Supervisor.  Reported to board request from Judge Crouse to pre pay voucher for stamped addressed envelopes from US Postal Service.  Postage is on list but not envelopes, Board agreed. 
Thea listed vouchers that board approved at the end of last meeting and reported one was voided for Joe DeCarlo as it was a voucher for payment by State, and amount was corrected for Scheene voucher.  Thea reported and Fullone confirmed an insurance premium increase of $211.00 which reflects replacement value of various highway equipment.
Thea reported on issues with server and that it is not backing up and is not functioning as it should be, the clerks BAS program is not backing up, some items (disks) are still not returned to the Town, Supervisor will ask Reickart for disks and a report as to what has been done and what was left to do on server. 
Board discussed grant writers request for approval process for grant applications. E-mail notification will be used to all board members and can be ratified at the next meeting if needed for grants. 
Pero had a MOM concerning emergency response/ mutual aid he asked for approval to sign. Clerk copied portion of MOM as follows:  All participating communities shall provide the above stated agencies with a listing of their approved staff with updated or confirmed contact information annually.  They shall also be required to meet the minimum requirements as established within the National Incident Management System guidelines for working within an emergency operations center, minimum of ICS 300 level trained.
Councilman Fullone moved for adoption of the following motion #136, seconded by Councilman Borngraber: Roll Call Vote: Fullone ? aye, Borngraber- aye, Pero ?aye, Kujawinski ? aye, Gier ? aye, 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 0 Abstains  
#136: RESOLVED: To Authorize Supervisor Pero to Sign a Local Emergency Mutual Aid Assistance Memorandum of Understanding

Privilege of Floor:
Marty Rosiek questioned a board who has increased spending by a quarter million and now has opted to spend $100,000.00 for a school building for a town hall. The school is leaving due to a decline in population and now the town is spending non budgeted surplus money. The last master plan did not include plans for a new town hall and board has increased spending at a 30% rate. He said his comments are from a fiscal conservative. 
Kirk Ritz said he is requesting that the Board resume sending out quarterly news to the residents. Ritz asked for a motion that no one should be able to sensor information that board members want placed on the town web site as happened to Councilman Kujawinski last year. Ritz asked what is happening to issue of a voucher being paid for by Supervisor Pero without authorization and everyone knows that phone voting for authorization is illegal. We need to know that our tax dollars are protected. Discussions are ongoing on that subject.
Lee Brunelli had concerns as to why town is maintaining and running three police cars instead of our past practice of two cars with a purchase and sale every couple years, as older vehicle is costly to maintain. 
Board had discussion of the bridge on Ellis Road and Giambrone has been contacted by a state representative.  Value of job is over $400,000.00 with a matching portion from town of 20% and funding from the state.  Board members (Fullone) will contact state rep?s and confirm and get paperwork.  
Clerk brought up issues of park clean up and asked the board to review intent if laborers will be hired for work around park. Borngraber and Giambrone will confer. Thea mentioned Senior Community building needs dirt around veranda and water line repair. Thea asked board to consider recreation start date as offices will be closed on the 5th.  Clerk also reported phone issue still exists in highway garage. 

Councilman Gier moved for adoption of the following motion #137, seconded by Councilman Kujawinski: 5 ayes: Pero, Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, Borngraber 0 nays 
# 137: RESOLVED: to approve payment of abstract 5 prepays as follows: 
General Fund Town wide vouchers # 128-133 Totaling: $ $8,564.65 
Highway Part Town vouchers # 6-7 Totaling: $2,202.02

Councilman Gier moved for adoption of the following #138, seconded by Councilman Borngraber.  5 ayes: Pero, Gier, Fullone, Kujawinski, Borngraber  0 nays
Respectfully submitted,

Thea A. Ells, Brant Town Clerk