Organizational Mtg sheduled for 2010

LEGAL NOTICE THE TOWN OF BRANT Notice is hereby given that the Brant Town Board will hold their 2010 Organizational Meeting on Monday January 4th @ 7:00 PM Notice is hereby given that the first regular meeting of same Board will take place on Tuesday January 12th @ 7:00 PM and will be held in the Brant Town Hall, located at 1294 Brant- N. Collins Rd., Brant, New York, unless otherwise posted. Please call the Town Clerks Office for information and or check our web- site at The posting of this notice and advising the legal newspaper, complies with Article 7 of the Public Officers Law relating to open meetings. By order of the Brant Town Board Thea A. Ells Brant Town Clerk December 18th, 2009