Record of the Work Session of the Brant Town Board held on July 27th, 2004 at 7:00 PM at the Brant Town Hall, Brant New York. 

PRESENT: 	Supervisor Chiavetta, Councilman Rosiek, Councilman Arrigo Councilman Pero
Absent:	Councilman Czyz	
Town Clerk, Thea Ells    		
Others Present: Joseph Gardyjan
Thea went over the schedule for football and some issues such as parking and advised that she would send them a letter clarifying items as: Parking at entrance, window broken, clean up building, and schedule.

	Thea reported that her office has been completing information for the web site for various offices and departments, and all councilman and departments should have e-mail this week. 

	Items for the August meetings agenda were: Daisy Winters 105 years, consolidate voting districts, meeting date change due to primary and set date for tentative budget presentation.

	Councilman Pero asked if it was okay to get the boy scouts to clean sidewalks. There was discussion about hiring part time labor. 

	There was discussion about Police protection for the Village of Farnham and about the scheduling changes that might be needed.  

	Councilman Pero felt that the board should start to review the code book at work sessions and see how far they get. He also presented the tentative property maintenance law which the board reviewed. 

	Councilman Arrigo questioned the hourly wages of the recreation director and that the amount discussed during the interviews was less.  There was discussion to review that all salaries be set at the organizational meeting in January.

	The site plan for Brant Auto Parts was reviewed and there was discussion on the site and the use of the land.
Respectfully Submitted

Thea A. Ells 


SUPERVISOR CHIAVETTA  __________________________

COUNCIMAN ROSIEK      ___________________________

COUNCILMAN CZYZ       ___________________________

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COUNCILMAN PERO       ___________________________