Record of the Work Session of the Brant Town Board held on August 24th, 2004 at 7:00 PM at the Brant Town Hall, Brant New York. PRESENT: Supervisor Chiavetta, Councilman Rosiek, Councilman Arrigo Absent: Councilman Czyz, Councilman Pero Town Clerk, Thea Ells Others Present: Joseph Gardyjan, Thomas Bowman, S. Chiavetta read from a report on the Water District Expansion. S. Chiavetta reviewed the FEMA meeting he had earlier in the day and the funding that might be available. Some review of LYSF football and some issues such as parking which was enforced the first week only, broken window: still not fixed. C. Rosiek has not had a chance to talk with LSYF. Thea reported that her office (Barbara Daniel the Webmaster), has been completing information for the web site for various offices and departments. There was a suggestion to put the Ombudsman Committee purpose on the web with contacts to C. Rosiek, and Tom Bowman and see if there are any hits. Items for the meetings agenda were: Contract renewals: BFI: need to put on agenda to request bids. Next work session should look at contracts and have committee reports: employee benefits, Hazmat, DWI, and Dispatch. Next session review of the maintenance law. There was discussion about the request for CDBG funds and that the Recreation Building needs a new roof and an addition. C. Rosiek to contact Farnham and see if they will list our rec. bldg. project and we would list their playground. Reminder that Evangola State Park is having their 50th anniversary and Tomato Fest the 28th and 29th, and Daisy Winters is to be honored the 28th at the Community Building. Work Session closed at 7:55 PM. Respectfully Submitted Thea A. Ells TOWN CLERK APPROVED BY: SUPERVISOR CHIAVETTA __________________________ COUNCIMAN ROSIEK ___________________________ COUNCILMAN CZYZ ___________________________ COUNCILMAN ARRIGO ___________________________ COUNCILMAN PERO ___________________________