Southtowns Energy Fair Organizational Meeting The Town of Brant is pleased to announce it will be hosting another Southtowns Energy Fair on September 20, 2008 at the Town of Brant Fire Hall. With residents having to cope with rising home heating and energy costs this event is more important than ever. This worthwhile event educates residents on Renewable Energy, Energy Star programs, Home Conservation methods, as well as: How and where to obtain incentives and grants. Many guest speakers will be present. For more information contact either Town of Brant Supervisor Leonard K. Pero at office 716-549-0301 cell 716-352-0422 or Energy Chairman Bill Henry at [email][/email] For a copy of the Poster containing location, date & time, click below: [url=%%dir[2]%%energyfair_NEW_poster.pdf]energyfair_NEW_poster.pdf[/url]