Report of the Workshop of the Brant Town Board which was held on Thursday October 4th, 2007 at 7:30 PM, 1294 Brant North Collins Rd, Brant, New York at the Brant Town Hall.

Supervisor Leonard Pero, Councilwoman Roseann Turner, Councilman John J. Chiavetta, Barbara Daniel, Deputy Clerk, John Grennell, Town Attorney 
Attendance: Joe Gardyjan, S. Weaver, Alice Escott, S. Jaworski
Pledge to the Flag: Meeting called to order by Supervisor Pero.
Clerk verified that this workshop which is on the annual list of meeting; and was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, Farnham Post Office, Town Crier and Town web site.
Board members audited the Town Vouchers. 

Supervisor Pero reviewed the following items with the board members: 
Presented the tentative budget to the board members and stated that if any department head wanted to meet with the board they would be available before the meeting Tuesday night starting at 6:00 PM. The board will then make adjustments to the tentative making it the preliminary which will be on file in the Town Clerks Office and available for public inspection. Tuesday night the board will set the public hearing for November 8th during the workshop meeting.

Asked members to consider the following items for the regular meeting Tuesday:

1)  appointment of Jeanette Mirusso as Deputy Clerk, 2) CDBG project suggestions, 3) Training available for planning and zoning members in Evans October 18th, 4) exercise program will begin October 15th, 5) October 13th @1:00PM is the dedication for the senior/community building, 6) Solar Liberty is giving Town solar system on Highway bldg. Energy Fair was a great success, 7) Sidewalk is complete for now but more work is slated to be completed possibly this year and next, 8) Looking at leftover equipment from  Angola Village police dept., 9) Brant store building possible purchase/ use soon. 
Supervisor Pero reported some highlights in the tentative budget: 1.8% increase overall, features 5% increase for salaries across the board, sidewalk monies, $2,000.00 increase for seniors? citizens? org., increase for park improvements, monies for new highway snow truck, Pero also mentioned increases that we have no control over namely - fire ambulance street lighting, refuse.      
Supervisor Pero reviewed various future projects for the Town, Village and jointly with our neighboring communities.
Councilwoman Turner moved for the adoption of resolution 222-07, seconded by    Councilman Chiavetta 3 Ayes   Pero, Turner, Chiavetta    0 Nays

 Respectfully submitted,

Thea Ells, Brant Town Clerk