For meeting held 
1294 Brant-North Collins Road
Brant, New York 14027

IN ATTENDANCE:   Clark Borngraber	Also Attended by: Mr & Mrs Clapper (applic)
			  Lee Brunelli			        	       Gary Brecker (Code Officer)
			  Steven Twarozek			        Jeff Gier (Councilman)
			  Sherman Reickart
			  Patricia Granica

The Town of Held a Public Hearing to review the application of Mr & Mrs Clapper of 1890 Halley Road.  The meeting was opened at 7:40 PM.

Mr. & Mrs Clapper of Halley Road submitted an application for permit to build a detached garage at their residence adjacent to the driveway but was was denied by the code officer for failing to meet minimum setback requirements as stipulated in the Town of Brant?s schedule of use, area and bulk.  The proposed build required at least an 80 ft setback from the road right of way.  Theirs was only 50 ft from the road right of way.

The board discussed heard the recommendation of the Planning Board.  Heard the oppinion of the Code Officer Gary Brecker ?In his oppinion, the build did not affect the health, welfare and safety of the neighboring properties.  Options were discussed.  Councilman Jeff Gier who is a neighbor spoke in favor of the approval.  The applicants explained that a gulley impedes the setback.  The layout of the utilities further limited the location.  The front yard was not an option either as it was where their well was located.  

After review and discussion, Lee Brunelli motioned to accept the application.  Steven Twarozek seconded the motion.  All approved and the motion to approve the application passed based on the limiting factors mentioned in the previous paragraph.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by,

Barbara Daniel
Planning Board Secretary