PUT PRIDE BACK IN YOUR COMMUNITY The Brant Town Board: Supervisor Leonard K. Pero, John D. Arrigo, Jeffrey W. Gier, Roseann Turner, John J. Chiavetta, at their June 12th Brant Board Meeting Unanimously Proclaimed the following: WHEREAS, The Brant Town Board recognizes the importance of a clean Town to the whole community, WHEREAS, it is very desirable for neighbors to help neighbors in bringing pride back to our township WHEREAS, it is admirable for town Residents to know the importance of keeping their property clean for the sake of the entire town NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the BRANT TOWN BOARD PROCLAIMS THAT THE MONTHS OF JUNE AND JULY IN BRANT TO BE PROCLAIMED AS ?PUT PRIDE BACK IN YOUR COMMUNITY MONTHS AND CLEAN UP YOUR PROPERTY AND BE PROUD?