Report of the Workshop of the Brant Town Board which was held on Thursday May 3rd, 2007 at 7:30 PM, 1000 Brant Farnham Rd, Brant, New York at the Brant Senior Community Bldg.

Supervisor Leonard Pero
Councilman John D. Arrigo
Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier
 Councilwoman Roseann Turner
Councilman John J. Chiavetta
Thea A. Ells, Town Clerk
William J. Trask Sr. 
Bill Henry, Joseph Gardyjan, Janet Bowman, Jeannette Mirusso,  Marilyn Russell, Stephen Twarozek, Theresa Quagliana, Charlie Arrigo,  
Pledge to the Flag: Meeting called to order by Supervisor Pero.
Clerk verified that this workshop which is on the annual list of meeting; and was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, and Farnham Post Office , Town Crier and Town web site with notice that this meeting was to be held at the Community Building.
Bill Henry spoke to the audience about energy conservation etc and introduced Bob Knorr who presented a Wind Action Presentation.  There was time for questions and answers after his presentation. 
Items for Review 
Park Playground: Board members reviewed and looked over the area for placement
Surfside Water Extension: starting May 7th tentatively received notice of $20,000.00 from Senator Volker
Memorial Park: Councilman Chiavetta Turner moved for the adoption of motion 76w-07, seconded by Councilwoman Turner 5 Ayes Pero, Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta 0 Nays

Councilman Gier will work with Concord Nursery on plans for plants and or bushes. 
Senior Community Building: updates and discussion on placement of storage area, etc.
New Park property: Received notice that we cannot burn the main house due to the wires.
Spray Pool: received lower price from company 
Discussion on area for tennis and basketball ? combining the two into one area

Propose Local Law #2 review and public hearing set for Tuesday, question of Local Law 3 & 4 for public hearing ? not ready yet, and clerk asked to verify that a noise ordinance was distributed to board members, attorney, code officer, and Officer in Charge. 
Discussion of an amendment to the SW regional Water Project 
Acknowledge receipt of letter for dates that LSYF is requesting use of the building and upper grounds for games. Pero will contact.
Town Park Gate is to be shut at 10:00 PM unless other arrangements are made for rentals. 
Meeting closed @ 9:15 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Thea Ells, Brant Town Clerk