AGENDA March 13, 2007 @ 7:30 PM Brant Town Hall Call to order 1.) PLEDGE TO THE FLAG 2.) Approval of Minutes 3.) Monthly Reports Supervisor?s Financial Report Town Clerk/Tax Collector Report Court Clerk?s Financial Reports Justice (Gugino & Ritz) Code Enforcement Officers Report Dog Control Officer?s Report Police Chief?s Report Town Clerk?s Report to the Board Planning Board?s Report 4.) Contract Bid Opening 5.) Answers to last Months Questions 6.) Acknowledgment of Visitors Please stand, state your name (You have 2-3 min. to air your request) Thank You 7.) Old Business PC & Phone updates 2. Cell Phone Policy 3. School closing update 4. Civil service Compliance 8.) New Business Resolution 4 hour training Resolution Internet Child predator Resolution Authorizing BAN 4. Resolution Playground Equip. 5. Rural Development Compliance 6. Set date for Public Hearing Mandated Uniform code Law 9.) Reports of Committees 10.) Other Reports 11.) Meetings & Correspondence 12.) Miscellaneous Information 13.) Approval of Abstract 14.) Motion to Adjourn