The following locations to be covered by this contract:

1.	Memorial Park (Located at Rtes. 323 & 249)
2.	Brant Town Hall (Located at 1294 Brant-North Collins Road)
3.	Brant Town Park & Highway Garage (Located at 1000 Brant Farnham Road )

Lawn care & maintenance of Town Facilities basics to be included:

>	ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS.  Chemical use must meet Environmental standards and must be applied by a certified applicator.  
>	VEGETATION CONTROL. Spring debris clean- up and vegetation control shall commence as soon as deemed necessary upon completion of this contract and shall continue until the end of grass mowing season or October 15th of each year, whichever occurs later.
>	Grass height is not to exceed 2 inches at any time prior to winter.
>	TOWN HALL, HIGHWAY GARAGE & MEMORIAL PARK ? Spring debris clean-up, grass mowing, trimming of areas, peat moss, flower bed care throughout season, and shrub trimming when necessary.
>	SNOW REMOVAL.  Town Hall snow removal duties include removal at front, handicap, rear doors and entrance areas throughout winter season BEFORE 9:00AM and PRIOR to supplied court and building schedules.  Snow removal to include evenings and during business hours if accumulation is heavy. Contractor to provide environmentally safe ice melt. 

Special Instructions for Brant Town Park (Located on Rt. 249), care shall include:

>	Vegetation Control.  Provide all labor and machinery necessary to trim the grass and vegetation in the following areas:
>	Areas around the fence near pond
>	Areas around the Baseball, soccer and football fields
>	Areas around tennis court backstops
>	Fenced area around pool
>	Wooded areas adjacent to Grove area parking lot in the recreation area
>	Area between and including the two water courses, running easterly to the 2nd foot bridge
>	All open grass areas
>	Garbage Disposal.  Town Park usage will require special duties during summer months.  Starting prior to Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day (with a few minor exceptions), garbage cleanup will be necessary: Schedule of park rentals will be supplied to the contractor.  These duties will include:
>	Garbage shall be removed from all outdoor areas, to a designated site, contractor providing garbage bags.  Removal shall be conducted Sunday through Saturday prior to 8:00 AM in the following areas:

	Two picnic facilities in the grove
	Recreation building
	Swimming Pool
	Community Building

>	Sports field maintenance.  
>	 Initial Baseball field preparation to be done by contractor screened topsoil provided by town) and continual maintenance and preparation for games through out the season (approx. May 1st till mid August.)  (Schedule of practices, & games provided by town and cancellations by approved teams).  Football league to care for their field from August to end of their season.
>	Paint sports Field Lines with appropriate non-toxic materials
>	Garbage to be picked up after each event by 8:00 AM, contractor providing garbage bags.

>	Recreation Program (Six Weeks July to August) 
>	Contractor must maintain areas without interrupting the supplied schedule of events for the youth recreation program  

 The contractor shall furnish all necessary labor and machinery to complete tasks at each site

The contractor shall provide the town with proof of liability insurance with limits of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, workman?s compensation coverage for employees, and a certificate showing proof of insurance in the amount of $25,000.00 for property damage coverage