Town of Brant 
Planning Board Minutes 
For Meeting held on 
May 23, 2006


PB Members: 

Joseph Gardyjan (PB Chairman)
Michelle Hy
Joyce Ellis
Neal Wilson
Tom Gerace

Also present:

Roseann Turner (Council woman) 
Gary Brecker (Code Officer)
Mike Daniel (Daniel Auto Sales)
Tom Bowman (Proshop

The Planning Board met at the Town Hall on May 23, 2006 at 7:00 PM. Planning Board chairman called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and motioned to accept the minutes of the previous Planning Board meeting held on April 26, 2006.  Neal Wilson seconded the motion.  All Ayes, minutes approved.  

NEW BUSINESS.  The board heard the Special Use Permit renewal application of Peter Pratt, 10536 Southwestern Blvd, Irving N.Y.  Peter was applying for a permit to warehouse used car parts. He submitted the standard ?Special Use Renewel form? found on the website at [url=][/url]   However, upon Planning Board review, the application was deemed a new one because he had not renewed his Special Use Permit in over one year. The Board informed Mr. Pratt that since a lapse of time had passed, they would have to treat the application as a new one. 

The PB proceeded to ask Mr. Pratt exactly what type of business he was going to conduct at the location. Mr. Pratt vaguely answered, ?I want to store stuff, and once in a while I take a motor out of a vehicle too?. He was asked if he would be dismantling vehicles because that would mean he would have to obtain a dismantler?s license. He replied ?I don?t know if I?d say that because I would only be doing it once in a while?. Joseph Gardyjan asked what his main function was at that location.  Peter replied ?I buy out wrecking yards and I?d store the stuff over there?.  Gary asked if this was all going to be conducted inside his building.  Peter replied ?There, and on the concrete pads that I had poured previously?.    Joseph Gardyjan asked if he was currently junking cars there and Peter replied that he ?has a tilt bed and does a little of that?.  He was asked if he had a license to junk cars.  Peter?s answer was no.  Gary asked him what he was going to do with the junk cars he would be bringing there.  Was he going to take the good parts out of them?  Peter replied, some of them, but that many would just be taken directly to Brant Auto intact.  He said he makes a living at it.  He said he already has two 250 gallon above ground plastic tank in a cage that can be lifted with a forklift.  One was for anti-freeze and one was for oil.  Gary said he wasn?t up on the NYS Regulations for the tanks but that he would check it out.  Gary instructed him to get a more complete application to him with a survey, drawings, environmental impact study, etc.   He was told to draw on the survey where he was going to do any dismantling, etc.  He was asked how many unregistered vehicles he intended to have at the location at one time and he replied 3 or 4. It was mentioned to him that he would need to obtain a dismantler license if he is going to dismantle any cars. 

Toward the closing of the meeting with Peter, Gary told Mr. Pratt that if he was going to do any dismantling, he would have to obtain a dismantler?s license.  Mr. Pratt replied ?If I?m dismantling, but if I stop dismantling I?ll just use it for a warehouse.  But if I can get a dismantler?s license, I?d like to?.  Gary reiterated that if he is doing any dismantling, the Town will require him to get a dismantler?s license.   Gary also requested the proposed hours of operation, etc.   Regarding the hours of operation, Peter said he would only be operating once a week because he would be on the road a lot buying out other wrecking yards.  

OLD BUSINESS: Junkyard Law DRAFT submitted by Town Attorney 
Discussion summary:
Gary Brecker: He objected that his definition of ?Junk? was not fully addressed in the DRAFT of the new law proposed. 
Michelle Hy: Cautioned the use of ?Definitions? in Town Law. Instead, she suggests a Prop y Maintenance law and Junkyard law that go hand in hand together (one describing rubbish, etc he other describing vehicular scrap) 
Joseph Gardyjan: Regarding the last page of the DRAFT law, he suggested that Antifreeze d tires be added to the list of things that need to be removed from vehicles to be dismantled.  (See additional list submitted by Joseph Gardyjan)

Joseph Gardyjan motioned to adjourn at 7:56 PM and the motion was seconded by Neal Wilson.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Barbara Daniel
Planning Board secretary