TOWN OF BRANT PLANNING BOARD MINUTES TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2006 1294 Brant-North Collins Road Brant, New York 14027 Planning Board Meeting Joseph Gardyjan, Chairman IN ATTENDANCE: Joseph Gardyjan Joyce Ellis Michelle Hy Tom Gerace Neal Wilson Also present: Gary Brecker (Code Enforcement Officer), Peter Gugino (Town Justice) and Michael Daniel (Resident) At 7:00 PM, the Meeting was called to order by Planning Board Chairman Joseph Gardyjan. The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the last Planning Board Meeting held February 28th of 2006. Neal Wilson motioned to accept them and Joseph Gardyjan seconded the motion. NEW BUSINESS. TRACTOR TRAILER PARKING IN BRANT Joseph Gardyjan began discussion regarding the possibility of creating guidelines for independent truckers who are owner operators, as requested by Gary Brecker at the previous Town Board meeting. The discussion covered their need to park their rigs on their property during their off hours. Joseph suggested limiting the tractor trailer to the exact person who owns it. And if the person has a second one, they could allow it with the issuance of a variance as long as the person had at least five acres of land upon which the trucks park. Gary Brecker added ?or if they have a barn they could park behind?. Another member suggested that the owner be limited to one tractor and two trailers. Peter Gugino then spoke up. He stated that his experience of living next door to someone who has the trucks with Reefers running all hours of the night. He said it is extremely annoying. He stated that they are noisy all week long. Then the board suggested that a location be designated for the parking of the trucks owned by local drivers. Perhaps a large, pre-existing business establishment in town or in a commercial zone could be used by the truckers for parking their rigs. Various optional locations were discussed. Then it was suggested that this option be brought before the Town Board. Peter Gugino suggested checking with the Codes enforced in Evans regarding tractor trailer parking. Michelle Hy said she would check online for laws that are currently enforced in various other towns. Gary Brecker questioned if the Town Barns would suffice for neighborhood truckers to park their rigs. Peter Gugino voiced opposition to the idea. The matter will be brought to the board. OLD BUSINESS. Billboards. Gary Brecker noted that the town had a sign law already in effect. He noted Section 167.47 of the Code Book. He also noted that the Town?s law in Section 161.53 states that no billboard will be allowed to sell off-site goods or services. Gary Brecker said he found no problem with the sign law currently in effect in Brant because it is restrictive enough to discourage off-site advertisers from considering Brant. Upon reviewing the sign code, Michelle requested clarification as to the definition of a statement in the code book ?No sign or display erected prior to the effective date of this section shall be rebuilt or relocated?. Gary Brecker clarified by saying that a grandfathered structure is a ?pre-existing, non-conforming use?. Joseph Gardyjan stated that he would like to discuss North Collins sign law with Town Attorney Bill Trask. Michelle Hy suggested forming a committee to draft the proposed legislation and was then told that a committee had already been formed and was currently working on it. But Joseph Gardyjan wanted ideas from the Planning Board members. Junkyards. Gary Brecker noted that the Town needed a more clear definition of ?Junk? and ?Junkyards?. Discussion began as to whether pre-existing junkyards would fall under ?grandfathered? status. Gary Brecker stated that he has heard of a case in North Collins about a person operating a junkyard for years without a license or permit because the town had no laws on the books codifying it, and since the town allowed him to continue to operate as such, he was allowed to sell the property as an operating junkyard. The issue was unclear to the board. But Gary Brecker said that no matter what, the person continuing to operate it must conform to the regulations. Gary said ?yes, the new operator would have to come under permit?. Business zone regulations. Joseph Gardyjan presented a suggestion making it standard for any business to be at least 80 feet set back. Mr. Gardyjan noted that it is dangerous for anything to be closer to the road since the traffic is fast moving on these roads. He presented drawings suggesting site suggestions for parking, lights and emergency entry clearances around the buildings. Michelle Hy suggested taking the applicant?s site plan as submitted by them individually and making sure they take all the safety issues covered by code, like setbacks, etc. She said it wouldn?t right to make every business comply with exact specifications made by a Planning Board. She agreed to make sure the applicant takes into account every safety issue regulation, etc. No other business was discussed. Joseph Gardyjan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM. Neal Wilson seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Daniel Planning Board Secretary