TOWN OF BRANT PLANNING BOARD MINUTES TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2006 1294 Brant-North Collins Road Brant, New York 14027 Planning Board Meeting Joseph Gardyjan, Chairman IN ATTENDANCE: Joseph Gardyjan Neal Wilson Michelle Hy Brenda Giacchino Phillip Pericak Also present: Supervisor Pero, Gary Brecker (Code Officer) At 7:10 PM, the Meeting was called to order by Planning Board Chairman Joseph Gardyjan. The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the last Planning Board Meeting held January 24th of 2006. Joseph Gardyjan motioned to accept them and Neal Wilson seconded the motion. NEW BUSINESS. Joseph Gardyjan made a motion to place a moratorium on billboards in the Town of Brant. Neal Wilson seconded the motion. All approved. Motion passed. OLD BUSINESS. JUNKYARDS: Joseph Gardyjan asked the board if anyone had any ideas for 2006 goals for the Planning Board. Then he read from a letter Joyce Ellis submitted because she would not be at the meeting. In her letter she suggested limiting junkyards in Brant to two. Joseph Gardyjan mentioned that businesses turn down Brant as a location for business because there are too many junkyards. The board discussed Stan Kusior?s place and questioned the possibility of it being grandfathered. Gary Brecker spoke about what the Grandfather law meant. He said as long as the activity was occurring prior to enactment of the law, it would be considered grandfathered. Supervisor Pero said that if the activity was illegal, it should be exempt from grandfather status. Neal Wilson noted that Brant has no law on the books that makes junkyard activity illegal. Also, that our code only defines what a junkyard is. Neal Wilson suggested having Kusior?s pond tested for pollutants. Gary said he would check to see if the D.E.C. checked out Kusior?s location for spills, etc. He also mentioned that Stan Kusior never obtained a permit to run a junkyard. Joseph Gardyjan was concerned as to where the vehicular fluids were being dumped. Gary Brecker mentioned that Kusior?s place was currently being cleaned by a company that may be taking over with an aluminum recycling plant, according to rumors. Gary suggested that the town come up with a plan on how they want to handle a recycling plant n Brant so they would be ready when the new company comes to submit an application. Gary also said that no matter what business it will be, a permit will be needed. Supervisor Pero stated that you can?t actually stop junkyards, noting that they are needed, but that the town can put stringent standards to be met. Gary suggested that other towns designate a certain area that would be allowed to accommodate a junk yard. He suggested that Brant provide a large Industrial Park sort of setup for such proposals. He also suggested the Town Attorney create a stiff junkyard law using the State code as the base for the new law. The Town Board should also attach landscaping requirements to the law. BILLBOARDS: The Board began to discuss the issue of updating the existing billboard law. Possible suggestions from the board were: 1. Possibly limit the number of boards for any given area or road. (Pero) 2. Gary stated that advertisers utilize the existing structures in the area. (Brecker) 3. All temporary signs (Yards Sales, etc) must be removed when function is over. (Pero) 4. Gary said that the current law only allows billboard advertising products produces on the site where the billboard is located. (Brecker) 5. Town of Evans sign law to possibly be used as the model for our new law. (Giacchino) OTHER BUSINESS Supervisor Pero asked why Mr. Rott, who was issued a variance, has not torn down his old garage yet, as he stipulated during his application. Gary to check on this. Supervisor Pero asked the Board if they would mind if he allowed Bill Henry to do a Power Point demonstration promoting Windmills in Brant as an alternate source of energy. The Board approved of the request. Supervisor Pero then requested submissions from the Planning Board for the next Newsletter. Joseph Gardyjan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 PM. Neal Wilson seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Daniel Planning Board Secretary