Record of the Work Shop held on Thursday September 7, 2006 @ 7:30 PM at the Brant Town Hall ATTENDANCE: Supervisor Leonard Pero Town Clerk Thea A. Ells Councilman John D. Arrigo Highway Superintendent Joseph Giambrone Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier Attorney William J. Trask Sr. Councilwoman Roseann Turner Code Officer Gary Brecker Councilman John Chiavetta Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan Thea A. Ells verified that this meeting is on the annual list of meetings which was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Web site, Brant Post Office, and Farnham Post Office, Town Crier. There was a special notice in the Crier and posted which informed the public of the intent of the board to do business at this workshop. The meeting was called to order by Councilman John Arrigo. Pledge to the Flag 1.) Surfside ? Bids ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR SUPPLYING PIPE MATERIALS AND APPURTENANCES FOR THE TOWN OF BRANT, SURFSIDE DRIVE WATER MAIN EXTENSION TOWN OF BRANT ERIE COUNTY, NEW YORK Sealed bids for pipe materials, appurtenances and gravel products for the Town of Brant Surfside Drive water main extension, will be received by the Town Clerk, Town of Brant, Erie County, until 7:30 PM local time on September 7, 2006 at the Brant Town Hall, 1294 Brant-North Collins Road, Brant, New York 14027, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read. Specifications and bid forms for the work are obtainable from the Town Clerk, at the Brant Town Hall, 1294 Brant-North Collins Road, Brant, New York 14027, upon the deposit of Forty Dollars ($40.00) for each set of documents (2 checks of $20.00 each). DEPOSIT CHECKS SHALL BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE TOWN OF BRANT. If documents are to be mailed, a separate check non refundable check in the amount of Five Dollars ($5.00) made out to the Town of Brant is required for First Class Postage. A bid bond or certified check in the amount of five percent (5%) of the bid is required. Any Bidder, upon returning the Contract Documents to the Town Clerk within 30 days, pursuant to Section 102 of the General Municipal Law and in good condition, will be refunded their deposit payment, and any non-bidder upon so returning the Contract Documents will be refunded Twenty Dollars ($20.00). The Town of Brant reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids, which may be submitted and to waive any informality contained in said bid or bids received. Bidder may not withdraw their bid within sixty (60) days after date of opening. By Order of the Brant Town Board Thea A. Ells, Brant Town Clerk Dated August 09, 2006 Councilman Arrigo opened the sealed bids numbering two. Vellano Bros. $9,378.00 Lock City $9,893.00 On a motion from Councilman Gier, seconded by Councilwoman Turner, the following motion was Ayes 4 Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta Nays 0 ADOPTED: TO REFER THE BIDS TO E & M ENGINEERS AND THEN TO ERIE COUNTY FOR FURTHER APPROVAL AND A REPORT BACK TO THE BOARD. 2.) Resolution for BAN On a motion from Councilman Arrigo, seconded by Councilman Gier the following RESOLUTION 090706-#23 was approved: 4 AYES- 0 NAYS: Councilman Jeffrey Gier Voting Aye Councilman John Arrigo Voting Aye Supervisor Leonard K. Pero Voting Aye Councilwoman Roseann Turner Voting Aye BOND ANTICIPATION NOTE RESOLUTION DATED September 7, 2006 FOR ISSUANCE AND SALE OF NOTE OF THE TOWN OF BRANT, BRANT, NEW YORK, IN ANTICIPATION OF SALE OF FORTY THROUSAND DOLLARS ($40,000.00) SERIAL BOND. WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Brant, Brant, New York, hereby authorizes the issuance of $40,000.00 Serial Bonds for the PURCHASE AND CLOSING OF REAL PROPERTY COMMONLY KNOWN AS SBL NO.267.00-4-19, BRANT-FARNHAM ROAD, BRANT, NY, IN THE AMOUNT OF FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($40,000.00) for the Town of Brant and provided that the total cost of $40,000.00 or such portion thereof as may be necessary, be paid from the proceeds of obligations issued pursuant to the Local Finance Law, and WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Brant now desires to provide for issuance and form of a Bond Anticipation Note for the aforesaid Bond Anticipation Note, and other matters connected therewith, be this 7th day of September, 2006. RESOLVED, by the Town Board of the Town of Brant as follows: Section 1. A Bond Anticipation Note in the amount of $40,000.00 shall be issued by the Town of Brant for the purpose of a aforesaid and in anticipation of the sale of Serial Bonds of this Town in the amount of FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($40,000.00) heretofore authorized by Resolution adopted at the September 7, 2006 meeting entitled ?Bond Anticipation Note Resolution.? Section 2. The note will be dated September 8, 2006 or such later date as the officers by their execution thereof will determine, will mature on September 7, 2007, will bear interest at a rate determined by the Town Board upon acceptance of a bid for the sale of said bond, will be payable as to both principal and interest in lawful money of the United States of America at the Evans National Bank, County of Erie and State of New York and will be signed in the name of the Town of Brant by the Deputy Supervisor and Town Clerk of said Town, and will be sealed with the seal of the Town of Brant. Section 3. The Bond Anticipation Note shall be of substantially the following terms, form and contents, to wit: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ERIE TOWN OF BRANT BOND ANTICIPATION NOTE, 2006 $40,000.00 Town of Brant, in the County of Erie, a municipality of the State of New York, hereinafter called the Obligor, hereby acknowledges itself indebted, and for value received promises to pay to the bearer of this note, or if it be registered, to the registered holder the sum of FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($40,000.00) on this 8th day of September, 2006, together with interest thereon from the date hereof at the rate of 4.68% per annum, payable at maturity. Both principal and interest on this note will be paid in lawful money of the United States of America at Evans National Bank, Angola, New York. Section 4. The faith and credit of the Town of Brant are hereby pledged for the principal and interest Bond Anticipation Note. The Bond Anticipation Note shall be paid from the proceeds derived from the sale of the aforesaid bonds or may be redeemed as provided by the local Finance Law of the State of New York. Section 5. The Town Clerk of the Town of Brant is hereby authorized to sell such Bond Anticipation Note at private sale for not less than par and accrued interest not exceeding the rate accepted by the Town Board as specified above. The Town Clerk is authorized to deliver such Bond Anticipation Note to the purchaser upon payment of the purchase price and accrued interest as above specified. The receipt of the Town Clerk of the Town of Brant shall be full acquittance to the purchaser who shall be obligated to see to the application of the purchase money. Section 6. This Resolution shall take effect immediately. IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED and recited that all conditions, acts and things required by the Constitution and the Statutes of the State of New York, to exist, to have happened and to have been performed precedent to and in the issuance of this Bond, exist, have happened and have been performed, and this Bond, together with all other indebtedness of the TOWN OF BRANT, Erie County, is within every debt and other limit prescribed by the Constitution and Laws of the State of New York. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the TOWN OF BRANT, Brant, New York has caused this Bond Resolution to be signed by its Deputy Supervisor and its seal to be hereunto affixed and attested by its Clerk and to be dated as of the 7th day of September, 2006 3.) Memorial Park Councilman Arrigo is meeting with Glen Cooley on Wednesday September 13th before the Board meeting to go over the plans for approval at the meeting. 4.) Pool- Tiles will need to be replaced next year on pool around edges per Health Dept. 5.) Set meeting with Dept. Heads ? Budget Department heads should have their budget requests in by September 19 and can request a meeting with the budget committee. 6.) Diana Cafferty- Receiver of Taxes Received a request from Cafferty for use of Town office for collection of school taxes on Friday October 6 7.) All Hazard Mitigation Plan We need a resolution at the board meeting that we accept Erie County?s plan 8.) NIMS Thea is collecting certification from each dept: police, code, administration, highway or fire co and will send in certification 9.) Rededication ? Senior Citizens Building ? Arrigo will be contacting Senator Volker for attendance at the next senior citizens meeting 10.) Save the Grandview- Public Meeting 9/9/06 11.) BOE On a motion from Councilman Gier, seconded by Councilman Chiavetta, the following motion was Ayes 4 Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta Nays 0 ADOPTED: TO APPROVE THEA ELLS AND JOHN ARRIGO TO SIGN LEASE FOR ERIE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS TO USE THE COMMUNITY BUILDING FOR PRIMARY, SEPTEMBER 12 AND ELECTION DAY ON NOVEMBER7TH 2006. Joe Gardyjan reported that the Clerk has received a report from a meeting he attended for the Southwest Regional Water Project / Preliminary Discussion and is available for review. Committee Reports /Councilman Reports On a motion from Councilman Gier, seconded by Councilwoman Turner, the following motion was Ayes 4 Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta Nays 0 ADOPTED: TO ADJOURN THE SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 WORKSHOP AT 9:00 PM Respectfully submitted, Thea A. Ells Brant Town Clerk