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DOES ANYONE know where the WWII ROLL OF HONOR sign is, that used to be at the 4 corners of Brant?
WELCOME and thank you for your interest in the BRANT - FARNHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY!
The Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization operating for educational and local history related purposes.
Meetings are held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month from 7pm - 9pm in the Historical Room at the Brant Town Hall.  The public is welcome and encouraged to visit!
Your Membership in the Historical Society is also encouraged! Application forms are available.

Some of our Current Projects/activities:
	175th Anniversary Historical Book – 256 pages of  Brant & Farnham History!   On sale for $25.00/copy at the Brant Town Hall.  You won’t be able to put it down!

	Our 2015 Brant-Farnham Historical Society Newsletter (more like a News-BOOK! – it has 44 pages!) is FREE.   Pick up a copy at the Brant Town Hall, while supplies last!

	150th Anniversary President Lincoln Funeral Train Route Pictorial Postmarks.  Did you know that Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train took him through Farnham NY on April 27, 1865?    A project initiated by the Brant-Farnham Historical Society, in cooperation with the Buffalo Office of the USPS, involves 16 Post Offices from Buffalo to Ripley. An unbelievably fun way to collect local history!    The last day the Postmarks are available EVER is:  October 28, 2015!    More information can be found at: [url=http://about.usps.com/postal-bulletin/pb2015.htm]http://about.usps.com/postal-bulletin/pb2015.htm[/url]  June 25th Issue.  
FREE Postcards and Farnham Post Office commemorative envelopes are available until supplies run out.

	Provided Historical Display at the 2015 Brant-Fest Celebration!  Our main focus was on the Vietnam War Veterans of our Township.  Many of the display items can be seen in the historical room.  Come visit soon!

	Farm Labor Camps    An on-going project to map the farm labor camps of yesteryears. In order to do this project, the Brant-Farnham Historical Society will need to find and research the exact locations of labor camps. In addition, we are interested in any other pertinent information including personal stories and remembrances. Sonny Catalano and Lenny Pero have offered to help with this project. All are welcome to help!!. If you are interested please contact Patty Friend 549-3763 or Lenny Pero.

	FARNHAM WILL BE 125 in 2017!  We are looking for ideas to celebrate!  If you have an idea – share it with us!  Current ideas include a history book and a Pictorial Cancel.
Some Projects that we would like to continue are:
* Collection of Newspaper clippings for our scrap books
* Collection of Photos for selected Displays / Archiving
* Collection of our Veterans Names:  Revolutionary War to current day
* Accession and Collection of Historical Artifacts, Memorabilia donated by Town person and or relatives and Archiving of same
Some Projects on our "Wish List" are:
* Historical Landmark Plaques for Historical sites
* Landmark Signs to designate and mark Century old Homes
* Collect Search and Survey Information on Homes
* Create, Write and hopefully sell Historical Booklets on Brant & Farnham Themes / Topics
* Provide "Open House" hours in the Historical Room and invite Public to visit.
* Invite speakers to give presentations and talk about local history in surrounding areas
MEETING MINUTES :  Minutes dated  July 14, 2015, have been submitted to the Brant Town Board

Please join us at our NEXT MEETING!  3rd Wednesday of each month
Patty Friend - Historian Town of Brant   
Email Patty Friend 

Beverly Wasmund & Josephine Battaglia - Co-Historians Village of Farnham    
Email [email]beverlywasmund@yahoo.com[/email]
Lenny Pero - Town of Brant Supervisor