Town Forum 7-22-06

Record of the Brant Town Forum Gathering held on July 22, 2006 @ 1:00 PM at the Brant Town Hall ATTENDENCE: Supervisor Leonard Pero Town Clerk Thea Ells Highway Superintendent Joseph Giambrone Assessor Joseph DeCarlo Chief David Hock Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan Dog Control Officer, Donna Marien Assessor Clerk, Janet Bowman Meeting opened with the Pledge to the Flag Supervisor Pero opened with comments and thanks to all who helped with the Brant Fest- Public participation made this a success. There will be a report to the Board soon. Recreation is going well with attendance over 130. Memorial Park work should be starting soon ? the Clock Tower and Memorial Stones will be available for donations. Town Park expansion of property should be finalized next month. The Town will be looking for ideas of land use at Park. A committee will be formed for a New Town Hall. Water expansion on Surfside should be started soon. Grants the Town Received were mentioned and also those just received. Lifeguards can conduct aerobics class if desired on Wednesdays. Route 5 Corridor Committee will be looking into expansion with business possibilities such as Wall Mart to increase the Towns tax base. Eagle Scouts are trying to complete work on the sidewalks Joe Giambrone ? Versailles Plank will be closed soon for shoulder work - notification will be given. Thea Ells ? Concert the 31st is a family event ? invited Police to attend. Asked for Police presence at the Park when events are scheduled Chief Hock ? 3 times the amount of tickets have been issued in three months than the last 16 months previous to that Joe DeCarlo ? going forward with the 100%- will look into figures for budget preparation Janet Bowman ? reported research started for homeowners on Surfside for Beach rights. Donna Marien ? had a couple dog bites one of which was not reported to her Discussion for LSYF ? painting should be done at Park when no rentals are present ? Supervisor Pero asked that anyone with a problem or concern contact him to bring things out and thanked everyone present for working hard for the Town. No Public present the meeting closed 2:00 PM Respectfully submitted by, Thea A. Ells Brant Town Clerk