This list was last updated May 9, 2014. Since then, there may have been cancellations and additions. This list is for reference only. You may contact the Town Clerk for more accurate information by calling 716-549-0282 ext 2. NOTE: TOWN PARK IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR RENTALS ON BUSINESS DAYS DURING THE MONTH OF JULY THRU AUGUST, AS IT WILL BE USED BY THE BRANT RECREATION MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. ALSO, NOTE: TOWN PARK WILL BE USED DURING WEEKDAYS FROM AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER, 2014 AS IT WILL BE USED BY THE LAKE SHORE YOUTH FOOTBALL. CHECK THE TOWN CALENDAR FOR EXACT DATES AS RENTALS ON THOSE DATES MUST UNDERSTAND THE POSSIBILITY FOR INCONVENIENCE DURING THE TEAM'S PRACTICE/GAMES. TO FILL OUT PARK RENTAL CONTRACT, SEE LINK PROVIDED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE SENIOR COMMUNITY BLDG 1/1/14 Stephenson 3/2/14 Peters 4/20/14 Lalka 5/11/14 Giambrone 6/28/14 Clark 7/7/14 Hubbard 7/12/14 Igielinski 7/19/14 Radwan (CANCELLED - NOW AVAILABLE) 7/20/14 Sager 8/2/14 Graci 8/9/14 Friend REC BLDG 5/24/14 Granica 7/5/14 Culver 7/12/14 Muscato 7/13/14 Hunter (American Legion - Veterans welcome) 7/19/14 Rizzo 7/20/14 Bates 7/26/14 Hill 8/2/14 Rivera 8/3/14 Bates 8/9/14 Rauker 8/10/14 Mogavero 8/16/14 Schilling 8/31/14 Mardino LARGE GROVE 7/13/14 Ellis 7/17/14 Prime 8/2/14 Muscarello SMALL GROVE 8/2/14 McCrory TO FILL OUT PARK RENTAL AGREEMENT, GO TO: [url=][/url]