Supervisor Leonard Pero
Councilman John D. Arrigo
Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier
Councilwoman Roseann Turner
Councilman John D. Chiavetta
Attorney William J. Trask Sr.
Town Clerk Thea Ells
Gary Brecker, Code Officer 
Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan
Barbara Daniel. Deputy Clerk
Michael Daniel, Daniel Auto Sales
Alice Escott, Town Crier

Pledge to the Flag

Town Clerk Thea Ells verified that this meeting which is on the annual list of meetings: was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, and Farnham Post Office also in the report of the Town Crier, and an agenda was placed at the Town Hall.

Items for Review 
1.)	Vermont Street Discussion - Councilman Gier attended a meeting with the Village of North Collins ? 								*Agenda item

2.)	Town Park spray pool & pump house - Pero reported that the pool has been approved and read a letter from NYS Dept. of Health concerning the wading/spray pool which is not in compliance. 							* Agenda item

3.)	Agreement with LSYF ? Pero read from a memorandum of understanding 

4.)	Letters RE: To Erie County Sheriff Road Patrol ? read letter from Erie County Executive with possible charges to Town						*Agenda item

5.)	RE: Chlorination System Community Building ? new system installed & approved

6.)	Dry Hydrant -  Ordered from Vellano Brothers ? Giambrone to install

7.)	Chargeback?s ? from 2004 were budgeted for in 2006 total of $30,173.

8.) Update Castle Property ? Search and Survey being completed 	*Agenda item
9.) Authority to negotiate with Evans National Bank BAN ? Discussion on BAN for Purchase of Property, Memorial Park and Surfside Drive Water Extension Trask to get BOND Council. 

10) Discuss approval to purchase land not contingent on grant		*Agenda item

11.) Discuss contract with Real Property Service 100% equalization ? Board members to review contract 								*Agenda item

12.) Recreation Update ? meeting with counselors and lifeguards set for June 19th 

13.) Employee Handbook ? next work shop copies for all board will be available 

14.) Review Resolution School Funding ? 					*Agenda Item

15.) Sign on fence need to be painted ? Gier will oversee painting of sign at Park

16.) Brant Junkyards ? Reviewed present procedure for Junk Yards

17.) Brant Noise Ordinance ? next workshop

18.) Motor Driven Vehicles ? next work shop

19.) Erie County Water Authority letter ? 

Reports & copies Councilman received at workshop ? Supervisors financial, Town Clerk financial, Town Clerk monthly, Dog monthly, Police monthly, all minutes, resolution E. C. Assoc., correspondence form Volker concerning tolls, copies of any advertising done by Town Clerk and vouchers for audit. 
Councilman Reports
John Arrigo - Jeff Gier - Roseann Turner - John Chiavetta

Work shop over at 9:15 PM