IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A RE-ASSESSMENT NOTICE AND WISH TO GRIEVE IT: 1) You can come into the Assessor's office and pick up a complaint form or follow the link provided below. Or you may go to [url=][/url] and click on "Forms and Publications" - then click under complaints - and print RP-524 (4 pages) and RP-524-Ins (4 pages of instructions for filling out the RP-524) 2) After completing the form, the complainant can then voice their complaint by either mailing the signed, completed form to the Town of Brant Assessor's Office or appearing at the Board of Assessment & Review on Grievance Day (Tuesday, June 6, 2006) between the hours of 9- 11 AM and 7-9 PM. 3) No appointment is is necessary for Grievance Day - but you must sign in and complete and sign the form before it can be heard by the Board of Assessment & Review. Link to the RP-524 form on the Brant Website: [url=][/url] For instructions, please visit the [url=][/url]