Record of the Work Shop held on Thursday May 4, 2006 @ 7:30 PM at the Brant Town Hall in preparation for the May Town Board Meeting ATTENDANCE: Supervisor Leonard Pero Councilman John D. Arrigo Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier Councilwoman Roseann Turner Councilman John D. Chiavetta Attorney William J. Trask Sr. Town Clerk Thea Ells Gary Brecker, Code Officer Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan Glenn Cooley, E & M Engineers Michael Daniel, Daniel Auto Sales Alice Escott, Town Crier Call to Order Pledge to the Flag Town Clerk Thea Ells verified that this meeting which is on the annual list of meetings: was posted at the Town Hall, Brant Post Office, and Farnham Post Office also in the report of the Town Crier, and an agenda was placed at the Town Hall. Items for Review Personal - Board members are asked to please check through your packet and review reports for approval at the May 9th meeting. Police Dept. - Board members discussed current issues that residents have expressed concern with: police car, hours, Patrol dog, civil service, hiring of new officers, Erie County radio?s and dispatch service, and new computer. LSY Football - Set meeting date with Committee Grove and Grounds ? Councilmen Gier & Turner & Joe Giambrone and Thea Ells will attend Thursday May 11, @ 7:30 PM - contract to sign. Summer Fest - Things are coming along ? parade, booths, food, signs for crossings, police at light all day, ask highwaymen to sweep the roads. NIMS Class ? North Collins - Class being held next Wednesday May 10th ? 6:00 Pm till 10:00 PM ? also available on line - This item was mentioned in March of 2004 but no action was taken ? needed at the Town Park ? Sidewalks- Boy Scouts ? Work is being done along Brant Reservation Rd. ? need to look at sidewalks along Brant Angola and Brant Farnham Rd. concern of Right of Way Junk Yard Review- Quick review of draft of an amendment drafted by Attorney Trask and will be reviewed at the next planning board meeting and by Gary Brecker. Racetrack review ? Noise ordinance ? draft reviewed and will be reviewed by planning board- also a motor vehicle amendment drafted to be reviewed Update Surfside Water ? Some questions asked of Glen Cooley ? do we need an 8 inch line and he stated that it is recommended for consideration of expansion on Lake Shore Road as the lines come from the west side to the east (LS RD) Traffic Signs ? Purchased for use during summer fest and then at the Town Park Memorial Day ? Services at the Brant Memorial Park will be held at 9:00 AM with a service w/ music at Farnham Hall. Liaison to Seneca Nation ? Supervisor Pero spoke of future changes and that he feels we need to be represented with the nation. Newsletter Info. - Please have all articles in before the end of next week. Vouchers ?all vouchers for abstract 5 have been audited Public Hearings- Board members have copies to review of Local Law 2 & 3: the hearings for these are at 8:00 and 8:15 Tuesday the 9th. Miscellaneous ? There was mention of and or discussion concerning the following items: A man door at the highway barn was replaced, Joe Giambrone is meeting with the Health Dept at the pool this week, town will be applying for a historical grant, review that a ZBA alternate is needed, reviewed a resolution from Hamburg dealing with a boycott, reviewed a Lancaster resolution concerning tolls, should set a clean up month, and to look into installing Y Five wireless ban. There was discussion asking for review of the refuse law concerning time constraints for refuse at curb ? Trask can work on an amendment with the planning board also. Committee Reports Water contract: Nothing new Hand Book: Nothing new Recreation: Interviews- no date Ethics Policy: copy of current code book section distributed Councilman Reports John Arrigo Jeff Gier Roseann Turner John Chiavetta ? received a suggestion to advertise in the Around Town in the Buffalo News ? has been tried often but does not get put in. Pero has a South Towns Coalition meeting this week. Memorial Park Public Review: Those present reviewed the previous plans and went over some suggestions and expressed concerns with areas of the park where water is a concern, discussed lighting, placement of fence, type of fence, and sidewalk replacement. On a motion from Councilman Gier, seconded by Supervisor Pero, the following motion was Ayes 5 Pero, Arrigo, Gier, Turner, Chiavetta Nays 0 ADOPTED: TO ADJOURN THE MAY 4, 2006 BRANT TOWN BOARD WORK SESSION AT 8:55 PM Respectfully submitted, Thea A. Ells Brant Town Clerk