Record of the work shop held on March 9, 2006 @ 7:30 PM at the Brant Town Hall in preparation for the regular March 14, 2006 meeting of the Town Board ATTENDENCE: Supervisor Leonard Pero Councilman John D. Arrigo Councilman Jeffrey W. Gier Councilwoman Roseann Turner Councilman John D. Chiavetta Attorney William J. Trask Sr. Town Clerk Thea Ells Planning Board Chairman, Joseph Gardyjan Village of Farnham Mayor, Terry Caber Meeting opened with the Pledge to the Flag ITEMS FOR REVIEW 1) Water Contract with Farnham Mayor Terry Caber met with Board and showed figures from Erie County Water Authority, the members compared figures and asked questions of Terry :recommendation form smaller committee (Chiavetta, Gier)to work with Farnham Intermunicipal agreement : need recommendation for duration of contract , 2) Moratorium Billboards- Set Committee Recommendation to have committee (Arrigo, Pero) work with Planning Chair Gardyjan and Code Officer Brecker 3) Memorial Park- Streetscape Update Pero?s meeting with Dearing ECP&E and C. Minor (grants) postponed till March 15, should be granted a one year extension 4) Prioritize Property Maintenance Wind Mill- Junk Cars- Billboards Need to look at laws that are enforceable and Brecker can use the NYS Property Maintenance in the interim, Planning can get samples of sample laws from General Code Publishers ? Need to consider the property owners rights 5) Surfside Water May need a resolution to allow engineer to extend the water lines and to seek funding. Attorney Trask will need to review documentation of Water District formation, maps and any reports. 6) Dept. Heads Reports (Review) The department reports for the month of February that have been turned in were distributed by the Town Clerk to the Board members: Gugino Financial, town clerk financial, police, dog, and copies of the local law #1, NIMS resolution, and Erie County Fiscal Stability statement. 7) Vouchers The vouchers which were prepaid and the received bills which were placed on vouchers for payment were approved by the auditing committee to be placed on the abstract 3. 8) NIMS (Disaster Committee) A resolution which is needed for records that the town is participating, functioning, and training town and fire/emergency personnel for disaster preparedness and implementing strategies in the event of a disaster and within the standards set forth by FEMA. 9) Drivers School The school is an independent business which will provide services for court appointed driving school. They will use the building each month. 10) Forum Gathering March 18 Reminder to all department heads that the forum is set for 1:00 PM next Saturday 11) Letter Audit A review of the records will be scheduled and if they have any concerns at that point they will audit fully. 12) New Policy- Assessors Office This policy will allow property owners to express their concerns to the assessors before the tentative roll is completed 13) Historical Oven Supervisor Pero is following up on possible grant money for historical sit of bread oven in Brant 14) Miscellaneous 15) Executive Session- Personal Issues: Motion by Councilman Chiavetta to go into executive session seconded by Councilman Gier. 5 ayes 0 nays. After the executive session which was closed by a motion from Councilman Gier and seconded by Councilwoman Turner. 5 ayes 0 nays. ADJOURNED Motion to adjourn by Councilman Arrigo, seconded by Councilman Chiavetta at approximately 9:50. 5 ayes 0 nays Respectfully submitted by, Thea A. Ells Brant Town Clerk